427 Hell’s Lord’s Arrival!

    Chapter 427 Hell's Lord's Arrival!

    As the smoke dissipated, the line of sight gradually became clear, and the front scene was also reflected in the eyes of everyone within a hundred meters. The scene left everyone staring wide-eyed.

    The guards had all fallen down in front of the Feng main door, they screamed loudly in agony. Everyone of them had been blasted by the explosives. Some of them had torn clothes, messed up hair, and some were covered in ash.

    Slightly better off than them were the Golden Core cultivators. Although they were hurt by the explosion, but because their energy was strong, the damage was not big. They were feeling a kind of itch that made their skin itch like crazy and had to work extra hard to maintain their image, unlike the guards who were sprawled on the floor.

    "Hand over the antidote!"

    The middle aged mad clad in black stared at her. In the next moment, he swept his palm into a claw shaped manoeuvre at Feng Jiu. He had intended to grab her and force her to hand over the antidote!

    He knew she had many tricks up her sleeve he did not expect that she would use the drugs to deal with them! How did he forget that the last time he and his master were in her hands, and she used the poison!

    Upon seeing his master get attacked, Qi Kang was about to make a move when he heard a powerful chilling voice.

    "Who dares show impudence!"

    In an instant, four men formed a formation and a palm suddenly struck out with a fierce breath at the middle aged man. The middle aged man felt a strong airflow upon his face, like waves rushing at him. He was pushed back a few metres. He was shocked as he looked up and tried to hold his feet down steadily.

    "Who are you!"

    There were four Golden Core cultivators stood in front of Miss Feng, protecting her. They stared at him with such ferociousness that he was taken aback.

    This Feng Residence is only from a ninth grade country, how did they manage to get Golden Core cultivators to protect them?

    At this time, the old man removed the protective shield for him and Nie Teng and they both landed on the floor. Both men looked at the guards lying on the floor screaming in pain. Their faces were somber.

    "Your Highness. She is just a girl, why bother to go through all these theatrics for her?"

    The old man's voice was gloomy, and his body sent out an air of chill, his eyes were like a poisonous snake staring at Feng Jiu. He spoke with viciousness: "This woman's methods are sly. If Your Highness wish to have her by your side, it would be best to cripple her first."

    Nie Teng stared at the beautiful woman in the red dress and pursed his lips, not saying a word. However, seeing so many of his people lying on the ground, he felt his anger rising like as if he a caged beast.

    After he heard the old man's words, he was silent as he stared at Feng Jiu. One was not sure what he was thinking about.

    At point in time, no one knew that a man dressed in black robes, with an air of royalty upon him, Hell's Lord, had entered Cloudy Moon City. He had brought along Gray Wolf and Shadow One as they headed towards the Feng Residence.

    Because of Hell's Lord splendid disposition and domineering royal energy, some of the people in the city looked at each other and secretly wondered : "I wonder where this big shot is from?"
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