429 His Woman?

    "How is it that I did not know that my woman belongs to you?"

    Everyone looked towards where the voice drifted from. The bystanders who were standing within the hundred metre radius glanced back at the approaching man. They all were shocked in their hearts, yet they could not help but made a path for him to walk through.

    Who was this man? His woman? Dids he mean the Feng family's Young Miss? What sort of twist was this?

    They were all astonished in their hearts as they watched in eager anticipation as the man walked up slowly. At this moment, there was a majestic and oppressive pressure. They stood still, not daring to move, not even daring to make a sound.

    The man who was walking with one hand behind his back was wearing a set of luxurious black robes with understated patterns and he had a jade belt around his waist. He was taller than the average man, and gave off an air of domineering arrogance.

    You could not see his face clearly as he was wearing a silver mask. It only revealed his well defined chin and lips. His eyes were dark like that of a deep sea, and they seemed to contain a certain chilliness and which caused anyone who looked into them to shudder involuntarily.

    The appearance of this man overshadowed everyone else. It was not because of his elegant demeanor, but also his domineering presence that he exuded that the people present knew with a single glance that he was not a simple man!

    His appearance could not be ignored nor despised. Even the two men who followed behind him had a majestic momentum that made the people of Green Gallop Country vigilant.

    Even the Nascent Soul Old Monster put up his guard observing the man in black as his eyebrows twisted up in thought. He wanted to see through his cultivation and strength, the more he looked the more shocked he was. He was like a bottomless pit, unfathomable!

    He took a deep breath and gathered his thoughts, then bowed to the man in black and asked: "May I have your name? What is your relationship to Feng family's Young Miss?"

    Even if he was a Nascent Soul master, when he was against an unfathomable character, he could not be too arrogant. However, he did not expect that a ninth grade country would have such a character appear, and to be acquainted with Miss Feng to say the least.

    His woman? Was he her lover?

    If Feng Jiu knew what the old man was thinking, she would probably vomit. She did not know how Hell's Lord found his way here. She was always under the disguise of the Ghost Doctor in front of him, always dressed as a man! How did he manage to come knocking at her door?

    Also, his woman, what the hell? When did she become his woman? As she was feeling revolted on the inside she heard his mellow magnetic voice speak, his voice was tempting like wine.

    "Woman, what do you say our relationship is?"

    In an instant, everyone was staring at the dazzling red figure in the midst of it all.

    Yes! What was the relationship between the Young Miss and the man wearing the mask?

    Even the Feng Guards looked at their mistress with curiosity in their eyes, wanting to know what her relationship to this godly man was?
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