430 It’s You Old Man!

    Seeing that everyone's eyes were upon her with curiosity in their gazes, she could not help but feel her scalp go numb.

    If it were others' gazes she was able to just ignore them. But Hell's Lord's eyes upon her? His deep eyes stared at her as he asked her such a question, how had he expected she would answer? Moreover, her relationship was not as dubious as he made it sound, was it not?

    What's more, she was currently dressed as a girl! She could just pretend she did not know him, it was not like there was anything he could do to her.

    So she raised her head and smiled with her pair of charming eyes, looked at him and said: "Sorry, do we know each other?"

    Upon saying those words, she felt the breath in the air go colder by a few degrees as she stared back at the pair of black eyes that never wavered from her. She could not help but feel a little guilty, but she gathered her thoughts and said to herself: She really did not have any relationship with him, what did she have to feel guilty about?

    Therefore, she continued smiling as she looked back at him. She would hold her ground.

    Hell's Lord stared at her as he observed her beautiful face and her smiling eyes, he saw the slight guilt in her eyes, but did not say anything.

    This woman, she wants to clarify their relationship? He had come all this way here, did she think she could get rid of him that easily?

    He thought thought that after the long trip he had made to come see her, he would be greeted by her surprise and excitement. Instead, she had pretended not to know him and rushed to clear up their relationship. His heart was extremely stifled and unhappy.

    At that moment, he looked at her and said: "You don't know me? When you snuck up onto the roof of my home, why didn't you say you don't know me then? When you held on to my neck, why didn't you say that you don't know me? When you were together with me at night....."

    "Hahaha, Hell's Lord, it's you old man!"

    Before he was able to continue telling everyone those things, Feng Jiu quickly interrupted him. Her attitude had a 360 degrees change and she smiled as she greeted him. However, she was seething with anger on the inside.

    Obviously things were not like what he said, but through his mouth it sounded twisted and people who don't know better would think that she was lascivious!

    Uh... Although she was very lascivious, but it was detrimental to her image as the Feng Family's head, so it was best not said.

    Gray Wolf and Shadow One looked at their master with admiration. It turns out that when their master played along with ruffians, he was less than ordinary. Just two or three sentences and he was able to make the Ghost Doctor admit her relationship with him, it was amazing!

    At this time, everyone else was staring at her with a weird look, an incredulous look. They couldn't imagine that the elegant and beautiful Young Miss of the Feng Family climbed up to the roof in the middle of the night to peek...

    Also, she grabbed onto the man's neck and wouldn't let go? Was it real? This man was exuding a dangerous breath. He did not look like he was an easy person to get along with, how did she dare to hold his neck and not let go? Unless, were they really that close to each other?

    However, what they are more curious about at this time was the sentence the man in black did not finish. What did she do with him in the night? Drank together? Bathed together...?

    When they thought of the last two words, everyone's expressions lit up at the thought of finding out Feng Family's Young Miss' secret.

    No wonder she rejected the engagement with the Third Prince Murong Yi Xuan, and refused to be the Green Gallop Country Crown Prince's side concubine. Because it turned out she already had a sweetheart!
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