431 Hugged that Thigh in Vain?

    The bystanders looked towards the black robed man again and they had to admit that he looked really outstanding. Whether it was his figure or that well chiseled jawline, it gave people a feeling that it would be audacious of them to even compare him to an average person. What's more, that man's domineering aura was too obvious to dismiss. His manner was so imposing that even the Green Gallop Country Crown Prince Nie Teng could not compare. Even if they did not know the identity of this person, anyone who was well-learned would know that he was an extraordinary person!

    At this time, the Nascent Soul Old Monster's expression did not look good. When he saw that the Young Miss had walked over to that man in a familiar manner with a bright smile on her face, his eyes almost fell out.

    Did he hear her right? She addressed that man as Hell's Lord? As far as he knew, there was only one person who was referred to as Hell's Lord and that was the elusive master, could this be him?

    Nie Teng's expression was also dark and gloomy at this point in time, especially as he watched Feng Jiu walk over to the black robed man with a smile on her face, a hint of pleasure mixed with a tinge of guilt. As he looked on, he could not help but clench his hands under his sleeves.

    As the Crown Prince of Green Gallop Country, naturally he had heard of the power of the Hell's Palace and the man referred to as Hell's Lord. But was it the man in front of him right now? This man looked like he had transcended from the gods, and he looked so mysterious. Why would he appear in such a small kingdom?

    Unless, this Hell's Lord was not the same Hell's Lord that he was thinking of?

    On the other side, Hell's Lord watched as she greeted him with a smile. His lips finally broke into a faint smile, and his dark eyes reflected a trace of softness and indulgence. At this moment, he wanted to touch her head, hold her in his arms and hug her tightly. More than anything, he wanted to kiss those seductive red lips deeply. Maybe she won't dare to sneak away quietly again next time.

    Of course, in front of so many people, he controlled his desires.

    After he had dealt with the people from Green Gallop Country, he will show this woman his true colours. How dare she pretend not to know who he was!

    "Hey, Hell's Lord. Why have you come all the way here, old man? Did you have some things to do?" She flashed a smile as she came to stand in front of him.

    Actually, she wanted to ask him how he knew where her home was? How did he know that she was a girl? Why did he come to a ninth grade country? Was he not a busy man?

    This sudden and cold appearance was enough to scare people to death.....

    "Old man?"

    Upon hearing her address him as an old man, his brows furrowed as he blurted out chillily : "Is this Lord very old?"

    "Hehe, I was just being respectful." She smiled awkwardly and wondered why it was so hard to be mad at him. Was it because she felt guilty for taking advantage of him?

    "Hmph! What are you doing? You're being forced into a marriage at your main door and you don't even dare to say my name. Have I allowed you to hug my thigh in vain?"

    He held back on his tone as he had not wanted to reveal too much emotion. On the contrary, there was a sense of strong helplessness in his voice. Feng Jiu was shocked as she looked back at him.

    He wanted her to use his name, borrow his power and prestige? Had she heard wrong? Why did she not know that she had hugged his thigh? When did he become her pillar of support?

    She gathered her thoughts before she looked at him as she pointed her slender finger at the Nascent Soul Old Monster and said in an aggrieved manner: "I can't defeat him. He said that he was going to cripple me."
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