432 Feng Jiu Complains

    When the Feng Guards saw their mistress complain her grievances to this man called Hell's Lord, they could not help but lower their heads.

    Maybe it was because they had seen how cool and ruthless their mistress could be, they found it difficult to adapt to her innocent grievancing. Although her eyes were crystal clear and she appeared to be innocent and harmless, they knew that their mistress was far from harmless......

    After Hell's Lord had heard her complaining in an aggrieved manner, his anger surfaced. His gaze was chilly and there was a ripple of murderous intent in them. He looked at the Nascent Soul Old Monster, his voice cold as he said: "Oh? He wants to cripple you?"


    Feng Jiu nodded her head slowly as she continued speaking of her grievance: "He thinks that just because he is a Nascent Soul Old Monster he could bully me. And that Green Gallop Crown Prince, I don't even know where he brought all those things from, expecting me to be his side concubine. Side Concubine? To put it bluntly it is just a concubine! I am the daughter from the Feng Family, why would I want to be a concubine? I already said that I don't want to marry him. And they still tried to take me by force. They said they want to cripple me and take me back and lock me up."

    After he had listened to her words, the Hell's Lord was silent. Grey Wolf and Shadow One who stood behind him glared at the Nascent Soul Old Monster and the Green Gallop Crown Prince as they thought to themselves.

    Haha, they had not bothered to check the background of Young Miss, and they expected to be able to make her his concubine? Who did he think he was? Take the Ghost Doctor as a concubine? Haha, only they would dare to do such a thing.

    The Ghost Doctor hadn't even looked at their prestigious master.... Ahem! These people from a sixth grade country actually dared to fight with their master over her? Take her by force? It was really a whimsical notion.


    They looked on the ground at the people who were in agony and barely alive. The Green Gallop Guards were in so much pain that they could not even scream in agony. They felt that this scene in front of them did not match up to what the Ghost Doctor had said about them bullying her as they had more people!

    It looked more like the Ghost Doctor bullying them. They estimate that she had taken down most of the Green Gallop Country people, and it was only the Nascent Soul Old Monster and the Crown Prince who did not fall for her ploy.

    As the bystanders heard her words, their expressions changed and their eyes shined.

    The Hell's Lord and his two followers had only just arrived so they wouldn't know. They had witnessed everything from the beginning. Although it appeared that the Green Gallop Country people had the upper hand, but one look at the injured on the floor and it was obvious that no one from the Feng Family were hurt. On the contrary, the Green Gallop Country Guards and Generals had playing into the hands of the seemingly harmless Feng Family's Young Miss.

    Besides, from the moment she stepped out of her residence, even when she realised that the old man was a Nascent Soul Old Monster, there was not one bit of fear or panic on her face. On the contrary, when the black robed man appeared, for a moment she looked like she wanted to run back and hide in the Feng Residence.

    It was surprising, but as the black robed man had explained later on, it seemed as if the Young Miss had been sneaking out and developed a relationship with him, hence he had come looking for her.

    However, why did the Young Miss complain to him? Could it be that the black robed man would fight the Nascent Soul Old Monster for her?

    As they were deep in thought, the scene that unfolded in front of them gave them all a shock.....
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