433 Helping to Vent Out Your Anger

    After listening to the Young Miss' words, a chilling and murderous smile appeared on that black robed ma's face. However, it didn't resemble a smile at all. When his penetrating eyes shifted from her, the chilling aura of death that filled those pair of dark eyes made everyone frightened.

    "They're bullying you? It's all right. I'll help to vent out your anger."

    The man spoke such light-hearted words with a pampering tone. The next moment, this person swept past like a demon. He moved at such a fast speed that a strong airflow swirled up at his side.

    That Nascent Soul Old Monster had already taken some precautions since he felt that the black robed man posed a great threat to him. He felt it acutely when those eyes were staring at him. The other person looked young. However, in the immortal cultivators' world, the higher the cultivation level one possessed, the more capable he was to preserve his appearance at its peak. He dared not be careless, fearing that the man in black was an old monster who had cultivated for hundreds of years.

    When the man carrying a chilling and murderous aura came towards him, his instinct was to evade from him and put some distance between them. However, the other man's speed was so fast that he approached him almost instantaneously. The powerful pressure enveloped him as if Mount Tai pressed him down and instantly made his whole body stiff and paralyzed.

    His eyes opened up in shock. He stared aghast at the black robed man in front of him. He was just about to beg for mercy when he saw the man move in a flash and dislocated his chin. His senses were awash with sharp pain. Before being aware of what happened, he felt all the bones of his body were broken into pieces. For a moment, the sound of snapping bones echoed.


    His chin was broken, and he could only emit a vague excruciating sound. The pain of his bones shattering spread to both his body and his spirit. Every pinch made him suffer tormenting pain. Every broken bone made him taste the bitter pain.

    This man clearly had the ability to kill him in seconds, but he just wanted him to suffer and die in misery!

    At this moment, he sensed an unprecedented breath of death!

    Such a powerful breath came from the black robed man in front of him and totally enveloped him. It turned into a terrifying murderous aura. At this moment, he knew perfectly well that if he did not escape, he would die here! Hundreds of years of cultivation would be reduced to ashes with his death! He would disappear from this world!



    He had to run for his life! Flee at all cost!

    The fear and terror that pervaded his soul made him thinking to sacrifice the Nascent Soul stage body. Nascent Soul was a spiritual body cultivated by Nascent Soul cultivators. It was a protective talisman that could survive at a critical moment. It is the essence of Nascent Soul cultivators. Even if this body was gone, as long as his Nascent Soul was still there, he could be transformed into a human again.

    However, the sacrifice of a Nascent Soul must have been a desperate choice, because the sacrificed soul did not have the power to attack or even too weak to kill anyone. A cultivator would not sacrifice his Nascent Soul to survive unless as a last resort.

    The people surrounding them were shocked by the scene. They only saw that the Nascent Soul cultivator had no resistance and turned into waste in the hands of the black robed man.


    The sound of the shattering bones made their hairs stand on end. They thought it was awful. This scene contained no fierce fighting nor bloodshed but it deeply shocked the people to their core...

    At that moment, everyone was stupefied to see a bundle of spirit energy flew out of the Nascent Soul Old Monster's dantian.
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