434 The Nascent Soul and the Cloud Devouring Beas

    That bundle of stuff seemed to be frightened by something. It flew out as if it was seized with panic. When that bundle rolled out back and forth, people jumped in fright!

    The reason was that the bundle had a face. The face was somewhat similar to that of the Nascent Soul Old Monster, except that his face was wrinkled and old and the things that rolled out was like a newborn. It looked like a miniature version of the Nascent Soul Old Monster complete with feet and hands, but the body was only slightly bigger than the fist, and the whole body was smooth and slippery, being protected by the spirit energy. It used its limbs to throw itself forward in order to escape.

    "That's his Nascent Soul!"

    Someone cried out in alarm. That was their first time to see such a thing. After all, in their small ninth grade country, Golden Core cultivators were a rarity, let alone Nascent Soul cultivators. They had heard in the past that Nascent Soul cultivators had their condensed-spirit-turned-infant reside in their dantian. It was unexpected that today was the day that they saw it in reality.

    When his Nascent Soul flew out, the Nascent Soul Old Monster's body also fell down with a broken breath. This scene made Nie Teng looking deathly pale. He stared at the black robed man and stood paralyzed.

    It was because there was a disparity in their strength. In front of the black robed man, he did not even have the opportunity to make an opening move. Even if he just released the power in his body, he would be jolted into submission.

    That's all he could do, let alone anyone else. The Golden Core cultivators, who were still holding on to the scene, suddenly drew back in horror. They were worried about Nie Teng who was still there and they did not make any move to escape. Otherwise, they would have already fled for their lives.

    Hell's Lord shot a glance at the Nascent Soul who was fleeing in a panic . He flicked his sleeves and coldly snorted. His hands formed a stream of air to kill the Nascent Soul. A snow white figure was dispatched with a loud roar. It flew out to bite the screaming Nascent Soul and swallowed it whole into its stomach.

    Everyone looked at the scene in astonishment. They thought that the Nascent Soul would either escape or be killed by the black robed man. Who would have thought that he was swallowed up by a snow white, ball like little pet?

    Perhaps this scene was too incredible. Everyone stared for a long time, their consciousness didn't return until after seeing the little pet that swallowed the Nascent Soul in mid-air steadily reached the ground. The little pet then belched, trembled all over, and grew with the speed of visible eyes.

    One fold....two fold....three fold....

    Originally, it was the same ball like little pet. But in a few breaths, it had become a beast bigger than a lion. Its snow white fur also grew in length and drooped on its side. However, it looked fluffier, so that its overall shape looked even more huge. Its forehead glittered with a beast mark that was very eye-catching...


    The Cloud Devouring Beast stretched its waist lazily. It gave a low roar and ate his fill. It licked the corners of its mouth with his tongue outstretched. It also lifted a claw elegantly to wipe the corners of his mouth. A pair of ferocious eyes glanced at the people around him. When it landed on Hell's Lord, it somewhat dodged in fear. With a low growl, it flicked its tail and walked slowly back to Feng Jiu. It then lying lazily on the ground.

    As it lay down, a ray of light crossed its forehead, and its huge body shrank instantly to become an adorable and cute little pet. Its formerly ferocious and terrifying huge appearance could no longer be seen.
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