435 The Forgotten Hell’s Lord

    When Feng Jiu watched this scene, she couldn't help swallowing her saliva. She stared at Little Ball lying behind her with a pair of bright eyes. It was so strange that she didn't know that the little thing was such a fearful beast. When it swallowed that Nascent Soul just now, the beast mark transformed.

    Did it advance?

    She knew that Little Ball was not an ordinary little pet, but she had not seen any change in it before. But according to the beast mark that just appeared, it seems that it had advanced from the sacred beast to the divine beast?

    Hell's Lord glanced at the Cloud Devouring Beast lying behind Feng Jiu. His eyes swept the surrounding seven or eight Golden Core cultivators. Seeing their frightened retreat, he laid his eyes on Green Gallop Country's crown prince Nie Teng.

    The middle-aged cultivator in black was terrified at the sight, but he remained in front of Nie Teng.

    As Hell's Lord's eyes glanced at them, with a flick of his sleeves a powerful airflow rushed at them and hurled them tens of meters away.

    A deep voice carrying a majestic presence slowly rang out.

    "Get out of Sun Glory kingdom! If you dare to repeat this crime, this Lord will wipe out your Green Gallop Country!"

    Nie Teng fell to the ground and spat a mouthful of blood out. He pursed his lips and stared at him without saying anything.

    On hearing this, the middle-aged cultivator in black who was seriously injured immediately kowtowed to give thanks, "Many thanks for your kindness for not killing us, Hell's Lord. I'll leave at once."

    When he saw that theNascent Soul Old Monster was destroyed alive, he was terrified that his master would also be killed. If Hell's Lord really had the intention to kill, he was afraid that even after going all out, they would still not be able to protect His Royal Highness. Luckily, his attack was not murderous. Otherwise, none of them would be able to leave alive.

    "What are you doing, staring blankly like that? Let's go! " The middle-aged cultivator in black helped Nie Teng up. He shouted loudly at the people still lying on the ground and several Golden Core cultivators. They quickly headed for the airship.

    When they came, they were overbearing and arrogant, and when they left, they were in a terrible state of panic. They were afraid that they would be killed to the last one.

    The crowd of onlookers watched the Green Gallop Country's people leave quickly. It was unknown who had cheered loudly. Then the whole scene became noisy again. The difference was that this time it was the people's laughter and the sound of their legs stomping the ground.

    In the midst of the laughter, Hell's Lord turned to look at that dazzling figure. This was the first time he saw her wearing ladies' clothes. But in his eyes, he seemed to have known her countless of times. She was similar to the way he depicted her in his paintings, which makes him fascinated and unable to control himself...

    He fixed his gaze on her. In the depth of his dark eyes, there was only her. He recalled how her eyes expressed her dependence on him and the way she looked when she expressed her grievance. His heart could not help dissolving into a puddle of water, it was unfathomably soft.

    When the expression in his eyes became increasingly tender, he stepped forward to her.

    He thought that she would jump into his arms with delight and hug his waist tightly. She would raise that beautiful little face in his arms and gaze at him admiringly with that cunning and charming eyes. He instinctively opened his arms slightly to welcome her.

    However, the next moment, he saw a Feng guard whispered to her. Without even a word nor a glance at him, she rushed to the estate and abandoned him here...

    He stood stock still, his thin lips were pressed tightly. His eyes fixed solemnly on the Feng estate's gate.
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