436 Romantically Insensitive

    This hateful woman!

    His heart burst into an indefinable flame. He knew that he had thought too much. How could an insensitive woman jump into his arms with joy because he helped her out? Also, how could she then hug his waist while being held in his embrace and look up at him admiringly?

    This woman! This woman was not only romantically insensitive but also so hateful!

    He couldn't figure out why he fell for her. He specifically came all the way from afar to pursue her. When he finally reached this place, she didn't give him the chance to meet her face to face.

    Now she ignored him and threw him off by entering her house alone.

    The more he thought, the angrier and irritated he became!

    Gray Wolf and Shadow standing beside him saw the chilling aura on their master's body getting colder and colder. They could not help rubbing their arms and taking a step back.

    The two men looked at their master's appearance and action just now, and also saw the Ghost Doctor's action of stepping quickly into the Feng estate without even giving him a glance. They sighed inwardly.

    In romance, whoever fell in love first would also the first to lose.

    Obviously, their master was the one who fell in love first, not the Ghost Doctor! It seemed that she did not care about their master at all. The path that their master took to chase his bride was so far away it seemed like forever. Tsk, they even sweat buckets just from watching him.

    "Go," Shadow elbowed Gray Wolf and motioned him to step forward.

    Grey Wolf glared at him and unhappily said, "Why don't you go? Everyone who has eyes can see that Master is in a bad mood. Do you want me to be thrown out?

    Seeing this, Shadow cast a sidelong glance at him and secretly thought that this disdainful wolf was clever.

    With a light cough, he lowered his voice and said, "Master was likely in a bad mood because the Ghost Doctor forgot to bring him when she returned to her residence. Go up and tell Master that maybe something happened in the house. Otherwise, the Ghost Doctor would not look so hasty. This way, Master will not throw you out."

    Having heard those words, Gray Wolf thought for a moment, stroked his chin, and agreed. "Mm, it seems reasonable."

    Thus, with Shadow's encouragement, Gray Wolf summoned up his courage and came to Hell Lord's side: "Master, how about we go in? Seeing the look of Young Miss Feng just now, I'm afraid something has happened in the estate."

    Hell's Lord turned his head and glanced at him. His lips were pursed without saying a word but still listened to Grey Wolf's words. He still felt uneasy being forgotten by her, so he snorted coldly. "This Lord is tired."

    Grey Wolf stunned for a moment. What did Hell's Lord mean by that? Were they going in and having a look or not? While he was about to suggest that the master goes to the Feng residence to rest, he heard Shadow's voice.

    "Since Master is tired, it would be better to take a rest in the Feng residence temporarily."

    Gray Wolf glanced at the reverent Shadow and thought that this man was accustomed to taking advantage. Sure, if he was not so observant, how could he defend his first rank and stay by the master's side all the year round?

    Hence, Hell's Lord followed their suggestion. Hell's Lord, looking calm and collected and his lips pursed, walked over toward the Feng's residence.

    The Feng guards in front of the Feng estate's gate did not obstruct them because this man seemed familiar with their master. Since he was not an enemy, he was their guest.

    As Feng Jiu, Hell's Lord and others entered the mansion, the Feng guards outside quickly tidied up the space used in the fight earlier. They ordered the ten boxes of treasures to be carried into the mansion. Those were treated as the war trophy.

    While entering the Feng estate, Hell's Lord stopped and looked around. He then murmured, "Where is her courtyard?"
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