437 Just this once

    Leng Shuang who also came in took a quick look at them and offered, "I can bring you to the guest room to take rest."

    "This Lord was asking about her courtyard!" Hell's Lord 's said in a low voice while staring at her fiercely.

    When Leng Shuang was about to open her mouth, Luo Yu pulled her aside. He then smiled and said to Hell's Lord, "I know at a glance that Your Highness has an extraordinary relationship with our master. Others can't go to her yard, but Your Highness can. Let me lead the way!" While speaking, he made an inviting gesture and took them to Feng Jiu's courtyard.

    Hell's Lord stepped forward along with Grey Wolf and Shadow. Those two looked at Luo Yu in surprise and thought that this man adapted to circumstances quickly.

    Knowing the strength and domineering nature of their master, if he said that he wanted to go to the ghost doctor's courtyard, then they must go to her courtyard. He was sure in a bad mood. Who dared to block his path? Those who did would certainly suffer a calamity.

    After taking them to Feng Jiu's courtyard, Luo Yu left. Gray Wolf and Shadow walked around in the courtyard, looking at its beautiful and secluded location, while Hell's Lord had pushed the door open and entered the room.

    On the other hand, Feng Jiu hurried to her father's courtyard and saw that there was a faint smell of blood in the courtyard. Her eyes were cold and she asked, "Who got injured?"

    "Miss, be at ease. Master was alright." Luo Yu's master saw her coming and hurried forward to calm her worries.

    Feng Jiu's eyes swept over the people in the courtyard. When one of the eight people was missing, he asked, "Where is Uncle Qi?" He was Qi Kang's master. When she met those eight people who were loyal and devoted to her father, she always addressed them respectfully as uncle.

    "He's inside the room. Leng Hua is helping Old Qi to apply the medicine."

    Hearing this, she nodded and stepped quickly into the room. As soon as she entered the room, the dense smell of blood assaulted her nostrils. She frowned. Once she saw her father had been standing nearby to help wrap up the wound, she felt relieved. She then looked at Qi Kang's master whose complexion was wan and seemed to lose an excessive amount of blood.

    "Little Jiu, you come? Look at him, he is badly hurt." Feng Xiao promptly said and let her come up.

    "It's all right, I won't die. Don't worry, Miss." Qi Kang's master smiled, but his pale complexion did not fool people.

    Seeing this, Feng Jiu took out a medicinal pill for him to take and then treated his wound. After dressing the wound, she said, "Uncle Qi, your injuries are not light. You've lost too much blood. You should nourish your body well for several days."

    She ordered with a faint voice, "Leng Hua, help Uncle Qi to go back to rest and let Qi Kang take care of him."

    "Yes." Leng Hua complied and helped Qi Kang's master out of the courtyard.

    "Father, you can be at ease. Everything outside has been settled." Feng Jiu said and intended to leave.

    Seeing that she did not raise the issue of the ambush in his courtyard, he sighed softly and asked, "Little Jiu, what do you want to do?" He did not expect that Murong Bo would take advantage of the people of Green Gallop Country to deal with the Feng family and kidnap people. If it were not for the eight martial art experts guarding the courtyard, he's afraid that...

    "Just this once. Since he won't give up, I won't be polite to him!" Her eyes were cold and her tone was harsh. If Murong Bo was not removed, he would become a disaster!

    "But he's Yi Xuan's father..."

    Hearing this, Feng Jiu's eyes moved slightly. She went out without saying much. Murong Yi Xuan was the one whom the original owner didn't want to hurt and the one she loved deeply. She wouldn't touch him unless she had to. However, Murong Bo was not so lucky!

    After she left her father's courtyard, Luo Yu came in front of her, "Master, Hell's Lord is in your courtyard!"
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