438 The Master gets angry


    Feng Jiu was startled for a moment. That Hell's Lord? What bad luck! She had totally forgotten him.

    Seeing his master's expression, Luo Yu hesitated and said, "He appeared somewhat angry. Well, he had an ominous look." Yes, a murderous aura was emitted all over that man's body. Luo Yu was sure that Leng Shuang would be sent flying with a slap if she dared to stop him.

    "All right, go out and get busy! You've seen him there, so avoid him as much as possible. That guy is not easy to get along with." With a sigh, she waved to him to leave and headed for the courtyard.

    While Shadow One guarded at the door, Gray Wolf wandered around in the courtyard. Looking here and touching there, he whispered, "The Ghost Doctor had an evil charm when she put on red men's clothes. I didn't expect that she could be so enchanting wearing red women's clothes. No wonder she fascinated the master."

    "Master is not lacking for charm himself! I truly can't understand, how come Master's charm did not work the least bit on the Ghost Doctor when we came here?" Gray Wolf talked most of the time without hearing any noise from Shadow One. He looked back and said, "Why don't you talk?"

    Shadow One stood upright at the door. He glanced at him and answered, "I never talk about Master's matters."

    "Phooey! Come on!"

    Gray Wolf laughed as if he had heard something funny. Just as he was about to say something, he saw a figure in red coming towards him. His eyes lit up and he ran quickly toward her.

    "Hey! Ghost Doctor? Young Miss Feng? Which address should I use?" Gray Wolf stared at her with his eyes open wide. He thought that it was inconceivable. She's definitely a woman, how did they not discover it then? It was very odd.

    But how did Master find out that the Ghost Doctor was a woman? This question has been stuck in his mind for a long time. He really needed to find an opportunity to ask!

    Feng Jiu glanced at Gray Wolf. This blockhead had fallen into her traps so many times. How could he look so happy to see her?

    "Where's your master?" She looked into the courtyard and saw nobody but Shadow One standing at the door.

    "Master is in your room."

    Gray Wolf grinned. He used to think that the Ghost Doctor was a pain in the neck. Who made his perfectly fine Master to become bent? However, since knowing that the Ghost Doctor is a woman, hey hey, now he thought her so pleasing to his eyes.

    He knew she would most likely be their master's wife. That means, she would be their lady. If he's not try currying favours with her now, when would be the right time?

    "Ghost Doctor, Master is not in a good mood." He warned her in whispers.

    Feng Jiu, who was going to step forward, heard this remark. Luo Yu said this before, and now Gray Wolf said it too. Was it really bad? Thinking of this, gave Grey Wolf a queer look and asked, "How come you are here? You can't really be looking for me, right?"

    Why was she unaware that Hell's Lord had set his heart on her so that he deliberately come all the way to find her?

    Having heard Feng Jiu's words, Gray Wolf was a little stunned. "We deliberately come all the way to find you, ah! It took us a long time to know your whereabouts, but Master was stuck in the matter at hand that dragged up until now. When he heard that Green Gallop Country's Crown Prince was bringing people to propose marriage, the Master put the matter on his hands on hold and immediately rushed over with the two of us. There's still a troop behind and its estimated that they would arrive a few days later."

    "What's the matter, won't you come in and ask this Lord?"
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