439 Why do you close the door in broad dayligh

    Hearing the deep voice coming from inside the room, Gray Wolf braced his body up and automatically retreated a few steps away from Feng Jiu.

    When Feng Jiu listened to the gloomy and angry words, her scalp became numb. She suddenly turned to Gray Wolf and said, "I just remembered that there seemed to be something left undone.

    Well, tell your master that I'll come back later!" As soon as her voice fell, she immediately turned around to slip away when the door creaked open.

    "Are you still afraid this Lord will eat you?"

    Hell's Lord stared at her angrily. He looked at the woman who was hunching her shoulders and trying to slip away. He wished he could grab her and spank her bottom. That should give her a good lesson.

    "Hey, hey...how could it be? I just don't want to disturb your rest." She smiled in embarrassment and turned to face him.

    "Come here." He stood with his hands folded, his serene eyes were fixed on her.

    "What's the matter?"

    She asked, but still moved toward him under his gaze. She heaved a sigh inwardly. Sure enough, she was guilty of taking too much advantage of him.

    Hell's Lord eyes swept over Shadow One and Grey Wolf. They understood immediately and bowed out respectfully.

    For a time, there were only two people left in the courtyard. One standing at the door and one standing in the middle of the courtyard.

    Feng Jiu saw that there were only two people left. As it turned out, Hell's Lord had no intention to come out. She thought it was dangerous for a man and a woman to stay in a room together, so she stood still in the courtyard.

    These two people have two different ideas. One did not want to be alone with him, the other wanted to be alone with her. Therefore, the one standing at the door was motionless, while the one standing in the courtyard was not approaching. They were staring at each other. The atmosphere turned very strange.

    "Didn't this Lord tell you to come here?" He tried to restrain his anger, thinking that she was unable to tell good from bad.

    "Mm. I think it's good to stand here. Do you have something that you can't say in the courtyard? You see, the weather is fine." She looked up at the sky. However, she saw the sky was heavy with dark clouds drifting as if it was going to rain. She couldn't help but tug at the corner of her lips and laughed mockingly.

    Watching her guarded expression against him, Hell's Lord smiled angrily and directly came forward to pull her to the room.

    "Hey hey, Hell's Lord can you stop being so rude? It's broad daylight, but it's really not good for a man and a woman to stay together in the same room." She was dragged into the room at a running pace. She shouted as she tried to pull away, but her strength was not as strong as his.

    "Don't worry. If your reputation is ruined, this Lord will take responsibility!"

    Hearing this, the corner of her mouth twitched upwards and she hurriedly said, "This is not..." Before finished talking, she was struck dumb to see the door closed with a bang by the stream of air coming out from a flick of his sleeves.

    Suddenly, she felt somewhat nervous and quickly asked, "Why do you close the door in broad daylight?"

    "How can this lord continue what this Lord hasn't finished doing without closing the door?"

    His angry voice was deep and magnetic. That deep voice carried a masculine charm and was very attractive. She listened to his voice and couldn't help feeling her mind shaken. She instinctively asked, "What's the thing that you haven't finished doing?"

    As soon as she asked this question, she sensed a pair of big hands around her slender waist. Those hands forcefully gathered her into his arms. He was so powerful that she hit his strong chest and the sense of sour numbness came from her nose in an instant. Before she could open her mouth, she felt giddy with her head spinning. Her body was laid down on the bed while still in his embrace...
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