440 Forcibly Kissed


    Feng Jiu let out a muffled groan and stared up at him wide-eyed with astonishment. She saw Hell's Lord had taken off his mask and covered her eyes with one hand to block her passionate gaze...oh, her angry gaze.

    The cold flavour that uniquely his wafted in her nostrils. Rough and totally masculine lips touched her moist red lips with a bit of madness, a bit of punishment. It was a ruthless kiss... No, he's nibbling and biting.

    Black lines were written all over her face. She was totally stunned and speechless. Was she forcibly kissed? The passionate-kind of kiss? The ruthlessness was like a passionate kiss, but what does it mean when someone was nipping and gnawing at you like a bone?

    The soreness on her lips and the ache on her waist made her crease her face in pain. Unfortunately, both her hands were restrained and her lips were sealed. Even her eyes were covered. Although Hell's Lord was a very attractive and handsome man with a nice build and no shortcomings, what the hell was this kind of biting kisses?

    Unlike Feng Jiu's reaction and feeling, Hell's Lord was full of excitement. He wanted to do that long ago! It's just that he hadn't found the chance and also he didn't have the nerve. Today, angered by this woman, he kissed her straight up.

    And her taste... was really good. Her lips were both soft and sweet. When their lips met, it made him feel a bit tense, a bit nervous, and also a bit excited. In short, it gave him an amazing feeling that made him reluctant to release her.

    After a long while, he finally realized that the woman whom he had been kissing seemed to turned stiff and showed no reaction at all. He was puzzled and removed the hand covering her eyes. When he moved away, he saw a pair of eyes that were burning with rage. At this moment, his lips were still pasted on hers. However, when he was still distracted, she opened her mouth and bit him fiercely.


    He was too late to react. He took a breath of cold air and drew back slightly. When he felt a faint salty taste of blood on his lips, he was shocked and looked at her strangely.

    Was this her response to his kiss?

    If Feng Jiu knew what he was thinking at the moment, she would surely swear out loud. "To hell with you! You called that kissing? Clearly, that's biting!"

    "Release me quickly!"

    She shouted angrily. Seeing his odd expression, she couldn't help but scolded angrily, "My waist hurts!"

    Hearing that her waist was hurt, Hell's Lord was shocked and looked panicked. He quickly released her and lifted her up. "Let me see, how could you get hurt?" After lifting her from the bed, he saw a medicine bottle under the thin blanket on the bed. No wonder she said she was hurt.

    "Hiss! The pain is killing me!"

    She creased her beautiful little face, gasped for air, and rubbed her waist carefully. Not only her body was pushed on top of the bottle, but the guy also pressed her down. How could it not hurt?

    Gray Wolf and Shadow One, who were guarding outside the courtyard, listened curiously with their ears inclined towards the room. Since they were far away and the door to the room was closed, they couldn't hear clearly. However, at this time, they heard Feng Jiu's gasps and her cry of pain. They could not help but look at each other.

    "Say, what do you think Master and Ghost Doctor are doing inside with the door closed?" Gray Wolf's eyes glowed with excitement. Although he asked Shadow One's opinion, his excited expression showed everything he was thinking at the moment.
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