441 Who threw whom down?

    At this time, even Shadow One's eyes rolled subtly. He wore an odd expression when looking at the closed door, thinking secretly. "Even if Master missed the Ghost Doctor, he shouldn't have done anything improper in a broad daylight, right?"

    Even after expecting this to happen, he coughed softly and said solemnly, "Don't daydream. What can two people do in the broad daylight?"

    Gray Wolf gave him a contemptuous glance. "You have no idea, how would you know if I daydream?" When he finished speaking, his face showed an excited smile. "I really did want Master and Ghost Doctor to do something inside the room. But you are right. Master should not be so lacking in discipline that he'd do it in the broad daylight. "

    However, after that, they heard the Ghost Doctor's angry curses and their master's eager voices from the room. Those two men's expressions became strange.

    "Damn it! What are you doing!"

    "If you don't take it off yourself, this Lord will do it for you."

    "Hiss! Bastard! Don't tear my clothes!"

    "How can I take a look if I don't tear them?"

    "Go away!"

    "Don't move around."

    "Hiss! My waist! Ouch, it hurts, be a little gentler!"

    "Relax a bit and it won't hurt later."

    Hearing this, the two people guarding outside the courtyard were flabbergasted. They stared at the room that was closed shut with an excited and pleasantly surprised expression.

    Did Master pounce on the Ghost Doctor? And he did this in a broad daylight? He's just too fierce!

    However, in the room, it was a different scene.

    Feng Jiu lay on the bed. Her red clothes were torn by Hell's Lord at the waist, revealing an expanse of snow-white skin. But at this time there were bruises on that skin. Hell's Lord smeared medicine on those black-and-blue marks and then gently messaging them so that the blood stasis can be removed.

    Every time he massaged the bruises, Feng Jiu's would let out a hissing sound. It was clear that he did not use much energy. However, he still saw a layer of sweat oozing from her forehead and her small face crumpled like a ball. He could not help but felt his heart ached. The originally gentle rubbing turned into a soft touch. There was no pain, but those soft touches sent goosebumps all over Feng Jiu's skin.

    "All right, all right, stop massaging me."

    Listening to that tone filled with disgust, Hell's Lord's face became gloomy. However, when he recalled that he was the one who made her waist black and blue with bruises, he could not get angry. Then he was reminded of his previous impulsive action and his ears could not help but burn up. Now that his pent up anger had dissipated, there remained a trace of uneasiness.

    But he was a proud man who would not let her see that. So, with a calm face and pursed-up lips, he stepped back coldly. He stood beside the bed and watched the woman who was lying on her stomach.

    His eyes fell on the torn clothes and his eyes turned slightly. With a soft cough, he asked, "Where are your clothes? This Lord will help you change."

    Feng Jiu glared at him and said unhappily, "Go out and call Leng Shuang for me. Get someone to prepare water for me to bathe."

    Hell's Lord glanced at her and saw her red and swollen lips. His face was still burned up and he felt uneasy. He quickly stopped looking at her and answered calmly. "Mm, you should lie down! This Lord will call her for you."

    He took a step outside after saying those words.

    Since Feng Jiu was continuously glaring at him, his discomfort and red burning up ears were clearly seen. She was astounded. She waited until he left the room and closed the door to curse him out.

    "You're just putting on an act!"
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