442 Hell’s Lord was even more nervous

    When Gray Wolf and Shadow One outside saw their master come out, they could not help wondering. So fast?

    "Master, you've come out already?"

    When they approached, they saw that his ears were still slightly flushed. They were basked in smiles inwardly. It was rare indeed that the master looked shy, ah! But wasn't it a bit fast?

    Gray Wolf stared at him from top to bottom. He was thinking of asking Feng's kitchen to make some tonics for his master tonight.

    Hell's Lord calmed himself down, glanced at the two men, and saw them staring at him with odd looks. His face sunk. "What are you doing here? Go and fetch that Leng Shuang girl! Also, get some hot water in for her to bathe."

    Hearing this, Gray Wolf grinned, "Okay, this subordinate will go at once, will go at once!"

    Ha ha, it seemed the deeds were done. He was worried before about how Master would take forever to chase his wife. He did not expect that just in a short moment his master settled the score with the Ghost Doctor and did the deed in a broad daylight. Tsk, tsk, his speed had really left them in the dust..

    Seeing Gray Wolf ran away grinning with excitement, Hell's Lord was somewhat baffled. However, he thought Gray Wolf had always been weird and did not pay any attention to him. He told Shadow One, "Take a few things from the space and accompany this Lord to see the Feng family head."


    Shadow One respectfully answered. He took the well-prepared gifts out from the space, held those in his hand and followed his Master to Feng Xiao's courtyard.

    Along the way, people in the Feng estate respectfully saluted Hell's Lord. They all knew that the black robed man had destroyed a Nascent Soul Old Monster. Moreover, if it hadn't been for him, their Feng Residence would have suffered a great disaster today.

    Those people also acknowledged that he was their distinguished guest that must not be slighted.

    Over there, someone had also reported to Feng Xiao about Hell's Lord. So when Feng Xiao heard that the Hell's Lord came to visit, he did not refuse to see him but invited him in instead.

    The door to the room opened. Feng Xiao was surprised when the man in the black robe came in.

    It was a man in his twenties with a powerful and resolute domineering air. That kind of magnificent quality made him, who had met all kinds of outstanding figures, feel praise and admiration.

    What a peerless, magnificent and handsome man!

    His appearance was flawless, his features were exquisite,every part seemed to be sculpted by heaven.

    Such a man, with the beauty of a celestial being, magnificent temperament and kingly dominance, was like the God of the highest heavens. He was so noble that made people dare not look straight at him.

    At this moment, even he was a little nervous in front of him because of Hell's Lord imposing manner.

    However, he did not know that Hell's Lord was even more nervous than him.

    Because of his nervousness, his body continuously exuded a domineering aura. His face was somewhat stiff so when he was trying to show a smiling expression and soften his image, he couldn't do it. That made him even more nervous. Finally, a beautiful face had become cold and rigid like a person who suffered facial nerve paralysis...

    Heaven knows, at this time, his palms were sweating because of excessive tension. This Feng Xiao was his prospective father-in-law. This was the first time he met this father-in-law. His tension and anxiety was beyond the comprehension of outsiders.
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