443 Hell’s Lord currying favour

    Shadow One, who was bearing gifts behind him, realized that his master was nervous when he saw his body turned stiff. Feng Xiao's expression also showed a nervous tinge, he was just stood there motionlessly as forgetting that he was receiving a guest. Shadow One knew that he must have been shocked by the master's majestic presence.

    Furthermore, Master's cultivation was so high and he had a distinguished status. He was born with this inherent dignity. His noble spirit was incomparable. Anyone who met him, including the head of the Feng family, could see that. Only the Ghost Doctor was an anomaly that the master's charm didn't work on her.

    As the master's personal guard, Shadow One knew how to deal with this current situation, so he came forward with the gifts. "Feng's Patriarch, this is my Master. We came to your estate today with a specific purpose in mind. These are my Master's token of regards, please kindly accept them."

    At this time, Hell's Lord paid his courtesy as the younger generation and said, "I've always wanted to visit you, but I only had the chance today. If the younger generation has been inconsiderate in any way, please don't take any offence, Uncle Feng."

    Hearing the words "Uncle Feng", Feng Xiao's face was wreathed in a smile. He was also very satisfied with this young man's courteous greeting. Immediately, his nervousness vanished and his calm attitude as the head of the family was restored. He laughed loudly, "Good, good, you are very considerate. Sit down, let's talk."

    Hell's Lord also felt relieved. His face finally showed a smile. He nodded, came toward the table, and took a seat.

    Shadow One retreated respectfully to the side as soon as he saw those two men had returned to normal.

    Leng Hua came up with tea and then stood behind Feng Xiao. He looked at the black robed man with curiosity.

    "How should I call you?" Feng Xiao asked.

    "Please call me Mo Han, Uncle Feng," Hell's Lord answered softly.

    "Oh, so you're Mo Han!"

    Feng Xiao nodded, looked at him and asked again, "How did you know our Little Jiu? How come I've never heard about you from Little Jiu?" He wondered why his daughter never mentioned this excellent man. That shouldn't be!

    "I first met her in the street when..." Hell's Lord started talking about Feng Jiu's meeting and acquaintance with him. Of course, he left out his intention and only said good things. He didn't mention that he took her away.

    Although they met for the first time, they talked about a lot of topics. The more they talked, the better they got along with each other. Shadow One and Leng Hua who stood looking by their side could only cast sidelong glances.

    Feng Jiu, who had finished bathing, listened to Leng Shuang's report that Hell's Lord went to her father's courtyard. She was somewhat surprised. What was he up to in her father's courtyard? Was he afraid of getting kicked out?

    However, she was not in the mood to deal with Hell's Lord at this time. She still had other things to do. So she went out of the courtyard and told Leng Shuang's, "Call some Golden Core cultivators here. I have some matters to tell them."

    As soon as she finished her sentence and Leng Shuang hadn't left the courtyard, Gray Wolf who was peering around surreptitiously from outside came in with a grin on his face.

    "Ghost doctor, do you need someone to carry out your orders? I can help." He said eagerly while jogging toward her. He thought of performing well in front of her.

    "You?" Feng Jiu looked at him weirdly.
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