444 Murong Bo’s dread

    "Mm, Master always send me out to do stuff. Although I am also a Golden Core cultivator, my techniques and experience are much better than those other Golden Core cultivators. Now the master is in the Feng Residence to help Ghost Doctor solve her problems. If there is any trouble to take care of, Ghost Doctor can leave it to me. I will not fail you. "

    Feng Jiu was astonished to see Gray Wolf pat his chest and showed himself reliable. When did he act friendly with her? Usually, he looked at her unfavourably. Now he came offering himself to run her errands?

    She glanced around and thought, the labour sent to her door for free should not be wasted. Moreover, Gray Wolf's techniques and his ability to conceal his breath were indeed better than the four Golden Core cultivators under her employ. Since this is the case...

    "Mm, come over. " She crooked her finger, motioning him to come closer.

    Seeing this, Gray Wolf rushed forward and listened to her instructions with a cocked ear. While listening, his eyes lit up and his head nodded from time to time.

    "Take it."

    After giving the explanation, Feng Jiu threw a medicine bottle to him.

    "Mm, Ghost Doctor, rest assured and leave this matter to me." He grinned and rubbed his hands with excitement.

    "Don't call me Ghost Doctor since I haven't disclosed this identity."

    "Yes, then I will call you..."

    He had wanted to call her Madame, but after thinking about it, all girls are thin-skinned. The master had not yet hired sent any betrothal gifts, so it was not appropriate to call her Madame. Thus, he switched to another subject. "I will call you Miss!" The proper calling of Madame or something else can be decided later on.

    Meanwhile, in the palace, Murong Bo looked panicked and restless.

    The people of Green Gallop Country returned home empty-handed! They were defeated and fled! There was also the Nascent Soul Old Monster whose bones were thoroughly broken into pieces and when he tried to escape using his Nascent Soul, the soul was swallowed whole by a fierce beast!

    This succession of news made him break out in a cold sweat. Since his return he had been walking about the great hall, thinking to and fro, trying to find a way to remedy it.

    He never thought that the Feng family's strength would be so incredible! They had the impertinence to confront the people of Green Gallop Country. How did they have the gall to attack them without fear of the formidable power of the sixth grade country? This kind of outcome was unthinkable to him.

    He wanted to capture the unconscious Feng Xiao while the Green Gallop Country's delegation came with the wedding sedan at the main gate and the Feng guards at the defence. His purpose was to threaten Feng Qing Ge into handing over the Feng Guards' sovereignty and then use their income for his own purpose. Even though he relied on the Feng guards confronting Green Gallop Country outside, he didn't expect that there were still eight Feng martial expert guards inside Feng Xiao's courtyard!

    But Feng Qing Ge indeed put a tight guard around the handicapped and unconscious person. She went so far as to put eight Feng martial expert guards defending Feng Xiao's courtyard.

    Only after he thought of his followers who came in to report the news, his face became dignified again.

    How could there be four Golden Core cultivators guarding the Feng Residence? He wasn't aware of how many more powers guarding this family that was supposedly on the brink of destruction.

    He thought that the Feng Residence was a piece of fat meat for slaughter with the Old Patriarch Feng missing and Feng Xiao unconscious. Unexpectedly, the Feng Residence had an impenetrable defense. It was like a blade freshly sharpened, ready to cut the enemy at any moment.
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