445 Unable to restrain his anger

    "What to do? Will they suspect me?" He murmured, he felt unsure.

    He thought he could bring Feng Xiao back, but unexpectedly the defence of his courtyard was too strong and the people he sent to take Feng Xiao away did not even come half a step closer to the room. Fortunately, except for a few casualties, no living witness from his side was caught. Perhaps, they would not suspect him.

    "That's right. They have no reason to suspect me and there was no evidence. I don't need to be scared."

    He took a deep breath, trying to alleviate his tense and frightened mood. He sat on the dragon chair as though his whole strength had been taken away from him. He had been walking up and down in a strained mood. But now, when he sat down, he found himself unable to stand up with his hands and feet drenched in cold sweat.

    A long time later, he called out and a man in black appeared in the hall.

    "Master." The man in black saluted respectfully and called out.

    "Bring back several martial art experts who guarded the third prince. Reinforce the defence in this palace." He calmly ordered. After he calmed down, his brain had started working again.

    He was originally worried that Yi Xuan would go to the Feng Residence today to obstruct the plan, so he sent several martial arts experts to watch over him while being imprisoned in his mansion and to prevent him from leaving and ruining his plan. Fortunately, he sent a group of guards. Otherwise, he was afraid that he would not be able to cope with a series of things today.

    "Yes." The man in black responded and left the hall quickly.

    Murong Bo pondered deeply. He was wondering about the man called Hell's Lord. Why did even Green Gallop Country's men fear him? He had so much strength that could kill a Nascent Soul Old Monster. In the end, what was his origin?

    What happened at the Feng Residence spread all over Cloudy Moon City like wildfire. Even though Murong Yi Xuan could not leave his palace, he had also heard the news.

    He sat in the pavilion inside his abode, looking at the direction of the Feng Residence with a complicated expression.

    Did he kill a Nascent Soul? Was that man the one she loves? If not, she was that man's love. Where did she know such a person? Did they meet when she was away for some time?

    He recalled her words that it was impossible for her to be with him. Once, he even naively thought that as long as his cultivation level reached a certain height, he would certainly be able to catch her eye, but now...

    "I'm afraid that would never happen!" He smiled bitterly and mumbled softly. He looked desolate and lonely.

    Maybe he didn't love her as much as he thought he did. If not, why didn't he try to leave after his father ordered people to guard his palace?

    In fact, he knew very well that there are many things that he couldn't have at the same time. If he were forced to choose between her and his Murong family, he would resolutely choose to save his Murong Imperial Family, not to shake the country's foundation, and not to give the reasons for the Green Gallop Country to destruct his nation. This choice had doomed him to lose her forever...

    "Master, the ruler's people have withdrawn." A guard in black came behind him and gave the report.

    Murong Yi Xuan was silent. He sat quietly without opening his mouth.

    The guard behind him was neither moving nor leaving, as if hesitating about something.

    After some time passed, Murong Yi Xuan asked, "Is there anything else?"

    The guard then spoke, "Today, when the Green Gallop Country's crown prince was confronting Miss Feng's people, the ruler sent people to trespass the Feng's head courtyard from the back door. However, there were eight martial arts expert guards in the courtyard. The ruler's men did not succeed and they fled after injuring several people."

    After hearing this, Murong Yi Xuan suddenly turned around with bloodshot eyes and clenched fists. He was unable to restrain his anger.
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