449 What Does He See In Her?

    "I heard them say that he went to his adoptive father's courtyard. They appear to have been talking till now." They had just met, did they really have that much to talk about?

    As he spoke, he saw the a figure in the black robe holding his hand as he walked this way. Guan Xi Lin looked and said: "Coming."

    "Elder brother, why don't I go and hideout at your place for a few days!"

    Guan Xi Lin took one look at her and said: " It's better if you don't go. I've come all this way to look for you, you can't hide from me." As he spoke, he stood up and smiled as he continued: "Little Jiu, I will go back first. If there is anything you need me for, just send someone to inform me."

    Without saying a word, she quickly walked out of the room. When she passed by Hell's Lord, she curtsied with her fists tightly drawn and walked outside.

    Seeing this, Feng Jiu sighed and got up. She walked to the door and looked out into the courtyard at Hell's Lord and asked: "How long do you plan to stay here? I will arrange a courtyard for you."

    "This courtyard is pretty good."

    Hell's Lord continue speaking in a slow warm voice as he sat down at the round table in the courtyard: "Lately, I have not much on hand to do so I will stay on here for a period of time. As the head of the family, you know that you are not to be careless in the needs of your guest. After all, your father has said, for you to accompany myself to take a walk in the city to look at the Cloudy Moon City's scenery and folk customs."

    "I am very busy, I don't have time to accompany you to take strolls. If you're interested, I can get someone else to accompany you." She wrapped her arms across her chest as she leaned against the doorframe, the look on her face was obvious that she did not care to spend time with him.

    "What do you need to do? I can help you."

    He looked at her as she leaned against the doorframe, dressed in red throughout, her beauty and body exquisite. However, the gesture of wrapping her arms across her chest was like the awkwardness of a man. Her chin was delicate but her face sent out a chill of cool air and a bit of devilishness, like a hooligan.

    As he looked at her, his heart was filled with wonder. He didn't understand how she could have so many faces to her? So many different temperaments?

    She was obviously the same person. When she wanted, she could be elegant and refined like a fairy. She was able to charm anyone she wished to.

    She could be innocent like a white rabbit, harmless as if anyone can rush to the front bite it, but could also be deceitful like a fox, full of tricks to distract her enemies and let her enemy enter into a most unprepared situation.

    Her character was weird and arrogant. She would put on a set of messy robes and dare to go to and grab someone's thigh. Her means of dealing with the enemy was merciless. Her body was different and changeable, and she could take your life whilst talking and smiling at you.

    But it was her that somehow took hold of his heart and he was unable to understand what it was about her that he found attractive.

    The most hateful thing was that he was so obvious about his feelings, and yet she shunned him. He would always remember that look. He was so angry that he had wanted to push her onto the bed to teach her a lesson.

    Well, like at noon.

    As he thought back to the scene at noon, his handsome face could not help but ease, and his thin lips evoked a smile of joy.

    But his appearance, in the eyes of Feng Jiu, had become something else.

    "Oh Hell's Lord, could you not show such undulated passion and lust? I am getting goosebumps."
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