450 He’s returned

    Sure enough, as soon as the words to utterly spoil his fun came out, the smile on Hell's Lord lips turned stiff and his eyes swept Feng Jiu's face with anger.

    This woman was still so romantically insensitive.

    "Hell's Lord, I have lots of things to take care of these days. How can you stay in my house? Don't bother me for some time." She said with a smile. When she saw his complexion didn't look good, she continued, "Although I am grateful for your great help for the Feng family, I still wish to take care of matters with my own strength."

    She was never a woman who depended on men. She was used to dealing with many things by herself. If she relied on others blindly, she would eventually develop a dependent personality. Such a needy woman would rely on a man for her livelihood, and she would never allow herself to become that kind of a woman.

    Hearing her words, Hell's Lord looked at her deeply and saw that although she was smiling, her eyes were very earnest. After a little thought, he understood what she meant. Therefore, he did not open his eyes. His low and magnetic voice carried an arrogant tone, "This Lord is also not a person who's going to do everything for you."

    "Then that's settled. Leng Shuang, take Hell's Lord to his courtyard to rest!" She called out. Leng Shuang entered and made an inviting gesture to Hell's Lord.

    "Please follow me."

    Even though his skin was thick, there was a trace of losing calm due to shame on his face because she pushed him away repeatedly. Thus, he stood up calmly and stepped out after taking a quick glance at her.

    Shadow One took a look at Feng Jiu who was leaning against the door. He followed his master's steps and walked out of the courtyard. He sighed inwardly. Didn't all work out well between Master and the Ghost Doctor? Why were these two people still getting along in such a strange way?

    Feng Jiu watched them leave with profound eyes. It took a long time to retract her eyes and went into her room. After closing the door, Feng Jiu entered the space to cultivate.

    When the night fell, Gray Wolf who acted under Feng Jiu's order went to the palace alone. He quietly sneaked into Murong Bo's palace. He mocked inwardly when he saw many people guarding the palace's four corners.

    So those were the number of people protecting him? That's like indulging in whimsical thoughts. It's a small thing to offend him, but if he had offended the Ghost Doctor, who was his future mistress, he would be in great trouble.

    The bottle of medicine that the Ghost Doctor gave him sprung to his mind. He took the bottle out and played with it. His pair of eyes looked in all directions and put the bottle back. He dodged and flew down. Murong Bo, who had been on guard, did not know that someone had sneaked into his palace and came to him.

    After midnight, Gray Wolf returned to Feng Jiu's courtyard and saw that the lights had gone out. He had to return to his master's first. Before entering the courtyard, he saw Shadow One in the courtyard who glanced at him and asked, "Where have you been?"

    "I carried out a task for the Ghost Doctor." He grinned and said excitedly. When he was about to tell him what he did tonight, he heard the voice of his master from inside the room.

    "Come in."

    Listening to that deep voice, Gray Wolf looked cautiously and asked, "How is the master's mood?" After receiving the orders from the Ghost Doctor, he went out to familiarize himself with the route, so he had no idea what had happened in the Feng estate.

    "You won't know until you go in." Shadow One motioned him in without saying more.

    Hearing this, Gray Wolf had to summon up his courage and went into the room. When he saw his master sitting beside the table, he went up and saluted, "Master, this subordinate has returned."
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