451 Suffer miserably yet not die

    While drinking wine, Hell's Lord asked without raising his head, "What have you done for her?"

    Hearing this, Gray Wolf answered, "This subordinate went to the palace with the medicine given by the Ghost Doctor. It was something to teach Murong Bo a lesson."

    "Not to kill him?" He raised his eyebrows. He thought she knew Murong Bo used underhanded methods and would kill him, but it seemed otherwise.

    He shook his head. "No, the Ghost Doctor told me that I didn't have to take his life. She had some ways to make his life worse than death." In fact, he was curious about the efficacy of the medicine. He didn't know what it's used for.

    Hell's Lord meditated for a good while and then said, "Since she's willing to use you, be around her more. If she tells you to do something, handle it well from start to finish for her."

    Hearing this, Gray Wolf was shocked, but still answered, "Yes."



    He answered and walked out of the room, puzzled. Strange. Why did the master sound strange? What seemed to be wrong? Did he come back in a rage from Ghost Doctor's place?

    The next morning, he came to Feng Jiu's courtyard early and waited. Unexpectedly, she did not get up early at all, but opened the door and came out close to noon.

    "Ghost...eh, Miss, I did what you told me last night. I was going to come over and tell you, but I didn't disturb your rest when I saw you turn off the lights early." He grinned widely. He saw her dressed in white today and felt that she had her own style, whether in a white or red dress.

    Well, however beautiful, only she was worthy of his master, and only her eccentric and weird personality can manage his master.

    He just didn't have any idea, what did she do to make his master angry yesterday? He asked Shadow One for quite a while last night, but he refused to say anything. It made him very curious and couldn't sleep well.

    "Did anyone around him get alarmed?" Feng Jiu asked as she walked to the table and sat down.

    "No, I watched him attentively for a long time before I killed a man who served beside him and replaced him. He didn't even know that I was walking beside him to bring him tea and water. But Murong Bo didn't look too well. I guess he had been scared witless after he came back."

    With his skill, it's too easy to do it.

    "Very well, it was inconvenient for you." She nodded with satisfaction.

    "Hey, that's no trouble at all. If it's not convenient for you to come out or do something later, you can leave it to me to do. By the way, Miss, what on earth is the effect of that medicine? Can it truly make life worse than death?" His face was full of curiosity because he was not very proficient at all in medicine and he really did not know what the medicine in the bottle was for.

    "If you're dying to know, why don't you go and see him again tonight?"

    She curled her lips in a smile and laughed with both a weird and chilly tone. "Murong Bo won't let the news out once his condition after taking the medicine shows up. But the paper can't hide fire, and this matter will not be under the wraps for long. I actually want to see how he deals with my Feng family."

    Looking at her smiling expression, Gray Wolf couldn't help recall her methods. He thought of what he had experienced personally and his body shivered. He pondered inwardly. Even without seeing it, he knew that Murong Bo would suffer miserably and yet not die.
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