452 Everything must have its cause

    Precisely as Gray Wolf thought, the imperial palace was currently in an uproar. Murong Bo's palace was filled with a tense and heavy atmosphere. The king who seemed to be in good health last night could not get up this morning. Not only that, his full head of hair fell out leaving a smooth as a mirror, without a single hair left, bald head.

    Murong Bo, whose appearance was just approaching middle-age, seemed to have his vitality pulled out overnight. In just one night, he rapidly grew old from a middle-aged man in his forties to an elderly in his fifties.

    The skin all over his body and face withered and dried as if all of its moisture had been sucked dry. What was most astonishing was that his cultivation had also dropped from the Martial Ancestor level to Martial Master overnight. This sudden change was so strange that no one could find a reason for it and no one could cure it.

    This made Murong Bo shocked to the extreme.

    "If you can't find the cause, I will kill you all!"

    He shouted angrily and kicked a doctor who was kneeling in front of him. The doctor did not dare to dodge and received the kick. He sat down on the ground and wiped his cold sweat.

    It was inconceivable...

    Overnight, the ruler's hair fell off and he became totally bald, his strength also fell a level. However, this decline didn't seem to stop. All his condition still continued to drop. His lease of life, his cultivation, or his vitality, all faded away.

    This made every one of them, who had never seen this kind of situation, tremble and fall into a panic. It's one thing if only a person couldn't diagnose it. But if a group of people couldn't diagnose it, then that's a nameless disease.

    Was it caused by the Ruler's anxiety? Otherwise, how could this happen with no reason at all?

    An old man kneeling beside him steadied his nerves and said calmly, "Ruler, please quell your anger. From my diagnosis, your liege has no signs of poisoning. Your pulse is also normal. This happened so suddenly perhaps because your liege was worried about state affairs. Maybe, maybe your liege's body will gradually recover once your liege relieves all his anxieties."

    "Gradually recover?"

    Murong Bo's face was gloomy, his eyes were filled with unconcealed terror. He rained curses at them with a trembling voice, "You're all rubbish! Didn't you see me getting old and my cultivation level dropping at all times? Recovering? Am I to sit and wait for my death?"

    Those doctors, more than a dozen of them, dared not answer. One by one knelt down and dared not raise their heads. They had never met such a diagnosis. How could they treat it?

    "Ruler, it would be better to send out an imperial order to find out the whereabouts of the Ghost Doctor. With the Ghost Doctor's medical skills, he will surely be able to treat your liege's disease." A doctor boldly advised.

    "Get lost! Get out of here, all of you! You're all useless!"

    Murong Bo shouted angrily. He grabbed the things close at hand and threw those at them. Have him send out an imperial order? Wasn't that telling the world that he is dying? At that time, needless to say, other countries would come and invade his territories. There would be nothing left for the successor.

    "Everything must have a cause. It's impossible that something would happen like this for no reason at all. Surely, this had a cause. Let me think... Let me see..."

    He forced himself to calm down. He thought about what he had done, what he had eaten and touched from yesterday to today. However, his fear was so great that he could not calm down and think carefully. However, he could be sure that this matter had absolutely related to the Feng family.

    "It must be them... It must be them!"
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