453 Nobody should offend the Ghost Doctor

    When he thought of this, his heart trembled and he suddenly shouted, "People, come! People, come!"

    A black-clothed guard came swooping in. He didn't dare to look up and knelt respectfully on one knee, "Master."

    "Go! Immediately go to the prince's estate and call Yi Xuan for me! " He tried to calm down, but his trembling voice still betrayed his fear.

    "Yes!" The man in black answered and left quickly.

    "It must be them! But when did they start? I am surrounded by my trusted aides..." He murmured frantically. When he started speaking, his voice broke. As if he suddenly remembered something, he shouted with his fists clenched tightly, "People, come! People, come! "

    Several men in black came in and listened to his trembling voice. "Check the number of people at once! See if there are fewer people! Quick! Right away! "


    Those people answered quickly and retreated. They all went to check all the way through. When one person was missing, the man who made the count was startled and counted again. After it's confirmed, they quickly reported back to him.

    "Ruler, we are one man short."

    "Sure enough... Sure enough, it happened like that... " He staggered back a few steps and his face was filled with horror.

    At this time, the shadow guard sent to the prince's estate came back and reported, "Ruler, according to the people of the prince's estate, Third Prince did not return to the palace yesterday. The people they sent to the city could not find his whereabouts. Those at the city gate said that they saw Third Prince leaving the city and did not know where he was going."

    Hearing this, Murong Bo was paralyzed on the ground and his mind was blank. At this moment, the old man seemed to grow older by a decade. He sat on the ground and looked ahead emptily, unable to speak for a long time.

    The people in the palace looked at each other in dismay and retreated silently.

    Although Murong Bo wanted to block the news, the rumour that he gradually lost his cultivation and his complexion gradually turned elderly, also the news about Murong Yi Xuan left was gradually spread. After hearing this news, Cloudy Moon City which could not be regarded as a peaceful and secure city began to set in motion again.

    Inside the Feng estate, at the courtyard where Hell's Lord resided.

    "Hiss! I tell you, you don't know how frightened I was when I saw that scene. I almost couldn't help crying out in fear. You can't imagine that the man who was fine the day before turned into an old man of fifty or sixty years old the next day."

    Gray Wolf told Shadow One in the courtyard, "The most terrible thing is that his cultivation was crippled and gradually disappeared. That would make people collapse. He had reached the Martial Ancestor level after working hard for it for decades. He was destroyed like this in one day, tsk tsk. Sure, the Ghost Doctor's medicine is extraordinary, so nobody should offend the Ghost Doctor."

    As soon as Shadow One heard this, his eyes sparkled. He had naturally seen the Ghost Doctor's skills, but he did not expect that there were such strange drugs that would make people grow old by the day? His cultivation strength also gradually disappeared? That made life worse than death. People would live in fear and extreme panic. That kind of method would render a person's life worse than death, even worse than dying by the sword.

    "But I was the one who gave him the bald medicine. Originally I wanted to kill him, but when I think of the Ghost Doctor, alas! I couldn't do it." He said with some regret that he would have disposed of Murong Bo with the sword.

    As soon as his voice fell, he suddenly looked toward the room and asked in a low voice, "What happened to Master these two days? Did he continuously stay in the room and never come out?"
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