454 Do you want to leave this Lord alone?

    When he heard Gray Wolf's words, Shadow One took a quick look toward the room and whispered, "I think Master is waiting until the Ghost Doctor is done with her matters and thinks of him again!" When the Master was in a bad mood, his subordinates were kept in taut nerves.

    It was Gray Wolf who dared to hop around happily these two days. He didn't dare even to laugh.

    "Waiting until the Ghost Doctor thinks of him?"

    Gray Wolf's expression turned odd, "Compared to this method, I think it's more practical for the Master himself to go to the Ghost Doctor's courtyard and be around her."

    Waiting until the Ghost Doctor thinks of his Master? Oh! That's not very nice to hear. It was probable that the Master kept waiting and waiting while the Ghost Doctor forgot completely about him.

    Shadow One glanced at him and suggested, "Why don't you go in and give advice to Master?"

    "Me again?"

    Gray Wolf glared, "Don't be too blackhearted. Why do you always suggest me to go whenever things are not going well? If you have the courage, go by yourself, I won't go."

    "If you don't go to the Master, you can go to the Ghost Doctor!" Shadow One continued, "Don't you often run to the Ghost Doctor these two days? Say more good things about the Master in front of her and remind her so that she may come over."

    Hearing those words, Grey Wolf answered, "Although I often go to the Ghost Doctor these days, I haven't seen much of her people. She seemed to be busy with many things. Besides, she didn't command those Feng guards to do some things, nor did she come out of her room, nor let people disturb her. Even if I wanted to say some good things for Master, I had no chance!"

    As if recalling something, he asked. "Didn't the Master had a good chat with Feng's head? Why didn't he go there these past two days?" It's very important to have a good relationship with the future father-in-law. What's more, it's rare for them to stay at the Feng estate. They shouldn't miss such an opportunity.

    "Feng family head went into seclusion to cultivate these past two days. Master naturally didn't want to disturb him. " Shadow One answered.

    "Oh, I see." Gray Wolf nodded, thought about it, and said, "Then I'll go to the Ghost Doctor and take a look! Advise the Master not to stay in the room and practice all the time. Now that we stay at the Feng estate, we must seize the opportunity."

    As he spoke, he went to Feng Jiu to survey the situation.

    In the room, Hell's Lord did not cultivate but listened to their conversation. He thought, he had come all the way here, now he still had to drag himself in front of her?

    That woman was so romantically insensitive. But, didn't he know it already long ago? What did he really want to do about her? Perhaps the more serious he was and the less he went to see her, the happier she would be.

    When he thought of it, his eyes were deep and he snorted, "Humph! So you want to leave this lord alone? You have no chance." After he made up his mind, he got up and went out of the door.

    When Shadow One saw him coming out, he immediately stepped forward and saluted, "Master."

    "Mm." Hell's Lord responded and walked out at a constant pace. When he reached Feng Jiu courtyard, he met Gray Wolf who was walking back.

    "Master, Miss Feng is not at her courtyard. I heard she went to the back of the mountain."

    Hearing that, his black eyes flashed with surprise."Back of the mountain? Didn't all the Feng guards retire to the back of the mountain recently? What did she do there?"

    "This subordinate is not very clear, but these two days this subordinate saw her tell the Feng guards something from time to time. She also secretly mobilized some forces in Cloudy Moon City, as if something was going to happen."
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