455 A Heaven and Earth Oath!

    Hearing this, Hell's Lord stood quietly for a moment and then walked to the back of the mountain. What's she been doing without his help? Having known her for so long, he should have known already that she was such a tenacious person. She handled the matters on hand with her own strength and carried them on her shoulders. Since this being the case, it's also alright for him to stand watching by her side.

    Also, the world is so big, the number of people stronger than her is far too many. She was a person who wanted to go out of the ninth-grade small country. It was impossible for him to protect her all the time. If he always protected her, he was afraid that she would suffer more hardships in the future.

    With these thoughts revolving in his mind, Hell's Lord pursed his thin lips and his dark eyes turned sombre. He was unable to express this disconcerting feeling.

    Meanwhile, at the back of the mountain.

    At this time, Feng Jiu called all the Feng guards in front of her for the first time. It was also the first time that Feng Jiu to have them appear like this in front of her. Looking at the guards in front of her, and the eight-team leaders standing in front of each team, she spoke out with a clear and cold voice.

    "Since the time I took over the Feng guards, this is the first time to gather all of you here for a talk. Each and every one of you here has been trained by the Feng family and selected as the best guards. Some of you have followed my father to kill hundreds of enemies. I never doubted your loyalty, but!"

    When the crowd of Feng guards heard the word "but" came out from her mouth and then paused without continuing her speech, they could not help holding their breath and focused their eyes on her body. What would she say next?

    They did not have a deep understanding of this new master. One could even say that the only impression she gave them was that in front of the Feng estate gate that day. After the Feng patriarch and the Feng family head both met mishaps, they even questioned her strength in their hearts.

    However, after the showdown with Green Gallop Country, they knew that their master was not so weak and incompetent as the outside world said. On the contrary, she firmly and decisively killed that country ruler's high-ranking officer. This left a deep mark in their minds.

    Would those who dare to do that be weak and incompetent? Oh, Stop kidding!

    If she were really weak and incompetent, their team captains would not respect her as a master. However... It seems that besides Luo Yu, the captain of other teams had not recognized her as the master yet?

    At this thought, they all looked at the captains in front of them with a strange look.

    Feng Jiu glanced at the crowd and her clear and cold voice rang out again. "But, I need you to recognize me as the master again! Make an oath in front of heaven and earth! Swear to be loyal only to me and never betray the Feng family!"

    Hearing this, everyone was moved. Pledging an oath in front of heaven and earth? They all knew that this kind of oath established a contract with their internal profound energy. Once this oath was made, if there was betrayal, even without the master giving out punishment, heaven and earth will punish that traitor with heavenly lightning!

    Although they are the Feng guards, they had never sworn such an oath. What was the meaning of this oath? Was it not enough to trust them?

    Everyone trembled at this thought. It was not they did not want to do it, but they felt a little odd. Why bother doing more than was required when she did not doubt their loyalty?

    However, right at that moment, the eight team captains at the front were kneeling on one knee with their hands pointing to the sky. Their deep voice that carried a solemn and severe tone rang out....
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