456 Mistress Is The Ghost Doctor

    "I, Luo Yu!"

    "Fan Lin!"

    "Qi Kang!"

    "Wei Feng!"

    "Lu Yun!"

    "Gu Mo!"

    "Xu Duo!"

    "Fang Cheng!"

    "I swear here that in this life I will follow you master, never betray you and swear my allegiance! I swear by this oath under heaven and on earth!"

    The eight of them spoke in low solemn voices at the same time. Their powerful voices drifted to the ears of Feng Guards behind them as they spoke their vows. In front of Feng Jiu's eyes, as their voices fell, eight complex and ancient patterns floated from the ground beneath them. It then broke into a ray of light that shot between their eyebrows and disappeared.

    At the same time, all the Feng Guards behind immediately fell on one knee, their eyes were focused on Feng Jiu's body. Their powerful voice had a majestic momentum like that of killing the enemy, and the ability to move mountains.

    "I swear here that in this life I will follow you master, never betray you and swear my allegiance! I swear by this oath under heaven and on earth!"

    A huge pattern gradually spread under the feet of all the Feng Guards, as they gathered their mysterious power, the light that disappeared as it entered their eyebrows. The grandeur of the scene was observed by Hell's Lord who was not too far away. Even his immovable stare momentarily wavered as he stared deep-eyed at the red figure.

    Shadow One and Gray Wolf who were stood behind him observed the scene up ahead and were also shocked. It was not easy for all those people to willingly recognize her as their Lord and vow to swear by the heavens and the earth.

    To swear by the heavens and earth meant to put their lives in her hands. They supposed one or two people was okay. However, over a hundred of the Feng Guards had sworn their allegiance to her without further thought, that was what really surprised them. But what was most surprising was that this was what the Ghost Doctor proceeded to say next.

    "Leng Shuang, Leng Hua, hand down the things that you have prepared."

    "Yes!" Leng Shuang and Leng Hua who were stood behind Feng Jiu answered. They walked up to Luo Yu and handed him basket filled with bottles of medicinal pills.

    "Pass it down yourselves!"

    Luo Yu looked at the basket excitedly and asked Feng Jiu: "Mistress! This is?" Oh God, it's not what he thought it was, was it?

    Feng Jiu took one look at him and said out as she imbued her voice with profound qi: "This is a medicinal pill that can help you advance. After you take the pills, you will have to meditate here on the spot. There are four Golden Core Cultivators around who will protect you so you do not have to worry about being disturbed."

    When everyone heard this, they all shouted out in shock: "What? Medicinal pills? Were these really medicinal pills for advancement?"

    "It's true! It's true! Look here, I've got it!" A Feng Guard who had received the bottle of medicinal pills was waving it about excitedly: "It really is medicinal pills, there's even the pill name on it!"

    "Yes. How many bottles are there here? How did Mistress get so much medicine?" They all breathed out and felt incredible at what was happening. In their 9th Grade Country, normal medicine was rare and hard to obtain, let alone these medicinal pills!

    "You all don't know yet, but my other identity is the Ghost Doctor. In the future, you will not be lacking any medicines you require. " Feng Jiu said with a smile. Her faint voice caused all the Feng Guards' hearts to go wild with excitement.

    Oh God! Mistress was the Ghost Doctor? And she is not only able to prescribe remedies, but also make the medicines? No wonder she wanted them to swear. If they had not sworn by heaven and earth, they would not even be privy to the knowledge of her identity, because this was just too shocking!
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