457 The Proud Hell’s Lord

    At this moment, they finally knew why even the Golden Core cultivators would recognize her as their Mistress. Since she could produce so many medicinal pills, how frightening was their Mistress' rank in alchemy? Perhaps many alchemists couldn't compare to her!

    Similarly, they couldn't help wondering, the mount and pets that the Mistress was keeping were so remarkable, could it be that they were fed with medicinal pills or other elixirs? Otherwise, how could the plump, snow-white little pet suddenly become bigger than a lion? Its fierce appearance inspired more fear than other ferocious beasts.

    They failed to understand how Old White saved the Feng Patriarch from the Peak Martial Ancestor-ranked attackers before. But now it seemed that, well, the answer must have laid in the diet and the medicinal pills that it consumed!

    After receiving the medicinal pills excitedly, they examined the pills in their hands. They did not know what grade those pills were. However, the master said that there were four Golden Core cultivators to protect them, so they sat cross-legged, took the medicine and started cultivating.

    Feng Jiu took a glance at those Feng Guards who began cultivating after taking the medicinal pills. She handed over the affairs at home for Leng Shuang and Leng Hua to take care of. After all, her father had also advanced recently. Now the Feng Guards were taking the same steps. Some trifles in the house couldn't be left unattended.

    She refined the medicinal pills inside the space these days. Otherwise, there would not be so many medicinal pills available for the Feng Guards to use. Moreover, Murong Bo was unable to keep his calm and should make some movements in these couple days.

    As she was walking, she saw three figures from not far away ahead. She turned her sights towards them and a smile appeared on her beautiful face.

    "Hell's Lord, why do you come here?" She heard that this guy hadn't been out these days. That made her think he would continue being cooped in that room. Unexpectedly, he got out today.

    Sigh! In fact, she wanted to tell him to stay inside the courtyard for a few more days! She couldn't stand how he looked at her so provocatively, ah!

    She was afraid that one day she could not help but pounce on him and eat him up.

    Hell's Lord didn't realize that she was being very careful. When he saw her face full of smiles with her brows curved up, he had long tossed aside what she had said about him at the back of his mind. His heart soared because he saw her smiling face. Even so, he still held a cold and indifferent attitude. He glanced at her indifferently and looked at the surrounding scenery.

    "This Lord has nothing to do and so taking a stroll to the back of the mountain," he said.

    "Oh? So it's like that. Then please go on, I won't disturb your interest." She nodded smilingly and was getting ready to leave. Who knew that she would hear that gloomy voice carrying a resentful tone.

    "This Lord doesn't have that interest now."

    She pulled her neck back and looked elsewhere, pretending not to hear him and started stepping away. She accelerated her pace to pass him. She didn't want to be with this guy.

    Gray Wolf and Shadow One saw her creeping away and pretending not to hear him, with the clear intention to ignore their Master. They looked at each other and the corners of their lips curled up. Then they saw their Master's figure suddenly flashed and blocked her path. She had no time to stop in time and ran straight into his embrace. Seeing this, they grinned and discreetly withdrew.
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