459 Woman Dresses for One She Likes

    "Master, you don't have to worry. The longer the Ghost Doctor takes to get herself ready, shows how much she cares for you. Isn't that how the saying goes? Women dresses for one she likes, and this is all for you master! Otherwise, why would she insist on coming back to change just to go out with master."

    Upon hearing this, Hell's Lord's heart skipped a beat, the hand that was holding his cup of tea shook so slightly it was not noticed. His mysterious black eyes looked over to the bedroom and wondered silently: Was she really dressing up for him?

    Um, yes, otherwise why would she need to change just to accompany him for a walk? Woman dresses for one she likes, so to speak, she does care for him?

    Also, women generally do not speak what they mean, even if they liked someone they would never admit it. Well, now he knew.

    As he thought of all this, his heart could not help but look forward to it.

    Upon seeing his master regain his usual calm and indifference composure, Gray Wolf smiled and stepped back. His chin lifted forwards as if to say: What? I am smart this time. I said the words that master loved to hear the most.

    Shadow One glanced at him but did not speak.

    Perhaps Gray Wolf's words made a positive impact, as they had continued to wait for some time, and master sipped his tea in good spirits.

    After a long time, the door opened and his heart jumped and he instinctively looked at the door, his heart full of expectations. However, when he saw who walked out of the door, his lips pursed together tightly, all his expectations had disappeared, his heart sank.

    His gaze moved away from Feng Jiu and turned to Gray Wolf who was stood behind him.

    When Gray Wolf saw Feng Jiu walk out of the room, his mouth was open and his expression stunned, especially when he noticed the cold glare he got from his master. He could not help but shudder at the cold atmosphere around him and he felt his heart sink.

    He looked bitterly at Feng Jiu and said: "Miss Feng, why did you change into such clothes?" Changing her clothes was fine, but what was wrong with her makeup? If he had known it would be like that, he would have kept his mouth shut.

    "Oh? Does this not suit me?" Feng Jiu looked down at her male robes, her hair was bundled up like a noble's son. She thought she looked pretty good.

    "The clothes are pretty good. However, your thick eyebrows aren't really suitable.." She had a nice face, but yet she was able to change it into something ridiculous. Not just their master's heart sank, even his heart sank when he saw her. How could they go out for a walk like that?

    "What do you think?" She smiled and looked at the expressionless Hell's Lord and found that his face seemed to have stretched somewhat.

    Hell's Lord looked at her and said through pursed lips: "If you think it's nice, then that's fine."
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