460 Important task

    Hell's Lord put on his mask and left the Feng Residence. Gray Wolf and Shadow One tagged along behind him. Whereas Feng Jiu was followed by only Leng Hua since Leng Shuang stayed at the Residence. Many people came out to the street. Attracted by his outstanding temperament, a number of women on the street continuously cast flirtatious glances at him.

    However, some people also recognized that the masked Hell's Lord was the one who killed the Nascent Soul Old Monster in front of the Feng Residence's gate that day. They didn't dare to get too close to him and only looked at him from afar while talking about him in a low voice.

    Feng Jiu didn't pay any attention to all the staring from the city's commoners. She smilingly asked Hell's Lord who walked at her side, "This city has a pretty good porridge restaurant. Why don't we go to eat there and then take a stroll?"

    Hearing this, Hell's Lord realized that she hadn't had breakfast this morning. He nodded, "Lead the way."

    "It's just down the street ahead." She smiled and brought them to a porridge stall.

    The stall was located on a street corner. The owners were an old couple. Ordinarily, there were about three to five customers at the stall. Currently, there were no customers there, perhaps because it was already close to noon.

    Hell's Lord and Feng Jiu sat down at one table while Grey Wolf, Shadow One, and Leng Hua sat at another table. They each ordered a pot of fresh lily porridge. When the stall owners saw that they still had customers, they smiled and their eyes squinted. They sent up several side dishes to the two tables.

    "Try it," She put a bowl in front of him. "It tastes better with the side dishes."

    Hell's Lord saw that she ladled the porridge into a bowl for him. He also began doing the same for her. "Eat it. If it's not enough, we can order another pot."

    Her eyes sparkled when she saw him serving her with a bowl of porridge. But she couldn't help laughing after hearing his words, "It's good enough that two people can finish a pot of porridge. Besides, there are many snacks in the city. We've walked all the way, food is the last thing we should worry about."

    She mixed the side dishes in the porridge and started eating. This morning nothing had filled her belly. She was preoccupied with handling the Feng guards' matters and intended to eat after returning to her courtyard. She unexpectedly encountered him on the way. Since he asked her to go for a stroll, then yeah, for a stroll we go!

    Seeing her eating happily, Hell's Lord took a few mouthfuls while also heaping side dishes onto her bowl. A small pot of porridge was about four to five bowls. Besides the one bowl that he had eaten, Feng Jiu polished off all the remaining porridge.

    "Are you full now?"

    "Mm, I'm full." She stroked her tummy. A pot of porridge was indeed very filling. Moreover, eating one's fill made her somewhat reluctant to move. What to do?


    She belched and laughed embarrassedly. "Let's walk to help digest the food. Then we'll look for a place to listen to music and enjoy the scenery."

    Hell's Lord had no preference, he just wanted to spend more time with her. So he followed her wherever she went and accompanied her from early morning until sundown. Until Leng Hua came up and then the topic changed. Leng Hua told her that he was leaving first to get the venue ready.

    Hell's Lord's dark eyes shifted slightly at her. She had really accompanied him for a whole day. The sky had darkened a short while ago. Did she arrange any programs for him?

    When he pondered about this, his heart moved and he started looking forward to it.

    "Mistress, it's ready." Leng Hua came back and reported, standing behind her at a distance as he usually did.

    "Hell's Lord, let's go! The highlight of the day is coming up. I've especially prepared this for you."

    With a cunning smile and eyes that carried a hint of mystery, she led him to a building with two red lanterns hanging in front of the door...
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