461 Too Overwhelming

    When Gray Wolf and Shadow One looked at the building in front, they could not help but feel a kind of bad premonition in their hearts. Why did the decorations of this building so similar to when he was sent out to serve at the brothel? This... Could this be a brothel?

    When he called this to mind, his lips moved and his complexion turned odd. He wanted to open his mouth, but his master's look was somewhat expectant. He could not help but kept quiet and looked at the Ghost Doctor. He could see that her face was full of excitement.

    Seeing this, he could not help glancing at Shadow One. He saw him staring at the floor at the same time with a thoughtful look.

    He raised his sleeve and wiped the beads of cold sweat from his forehead, hoping he was wrong. Otherwise... taking the master to visit a brothel? He didn't dare to imagine what kind of expression the master would have when he went in.

    Such an idea might not be conceived by ordinary people. However, it seemed quite normal to put it on the weird character of the Ghost Doctor.

    He said, how could the Ghost Doctor promise to accompany the master and son all day today so readily? As it turned out, she was preparing this for the master! Did she think that if she sent some beautiful women to the master, he would stop thinking about her?

    If someone wanted to know what a beauty looked like, there was no shortage of gorgeous women in Hell's Lord palace. However, Hell's Lord paid no heed to those beauties. If the master really wanted to while away time with a few beauties, he would not rush over to the Ghost Doctor's side braving the long away distance. Speaking of it, he was really an odd one.

    What did the master see in the Ghost Doctor? In terms of beauty, although she was very beautiful, it was not worth mentioning for them who were used to all kinds of gorgeous women.

    Was this about her cultivation talent? There were more gifted women than the Ghost Doctor. Then, was it because she could refine dan medicines? That's even more impossible. The master was not such a superficial person. How could he like her for those reasons and have a heart for her?

    Then, it must be her cunning, fickle like fox character and her eccentric tricks that the master fell in love with?

    When he came up with this conclusion, his mouth involuntarily curved up. The master must have a masochistic tendency! The more he suffered from the Ghost Doctor's treatment, the more he wanted to jump on the Ghost Doctor.


    Out of a sudden, Shadow One's voice pulled his mind from wandering. He glanced at Shadow One who was covering his stomach with one hand. Shadow One's complexion looked unwell. "This subordinate might get a stomachache from food poisoning. Can this subordinate be allowed to withdraw?"

    Hell's Lord took a glance at him and replied indifferently, "Go!"

    "Thank you, Master." As soon as Shadow One uttered his thanks, he turned around and left quickly. Gray Wolf was left staring, dumbfounded.

    This, this guy managed to slip away?

    Gray Wolf was wondering whether he should follow his example, but then he saw the Ghost Doctor had already taken his master to enter the building. Seeing this, he could only follow behind with a bitter face.

    There was no noise in the building, perhaps because the place was already cleared up. A beautiful woman in her thirties came up with a pretty fan fluttering in her hand, twisting her buxom behind and slender waist, swaying three times to greet them.

    "Aiyo, we've been waiting for the young masters to come. The girls were ready a long time ago. Just now, a few of them are asking, why don't the young masters come yet!"

    The beautiful woman was dressed in a translucent red muslin. She had a buxom behind and a slender waist, coupled with a jiggling snow-white chest that seemed to almost fall out. The person looked very eye-catching.

    She gently smacked Feng Jiu with a red handkerchief in her hand while her other hand spread the fan to half-cover her smiling red lips. Her voice made Gray Wolf who stood behind Hell's Lord felt goosebumps all over his body.

    It was too overwhelming...
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