462 Don’t Touch!

    Hell's Lord saw this scene as well. However, his face was ashen and an ominous aura permeated from his body. The female brothel keeper who wanted to come near stood still in place and could not manage a smile.

    He stared at Feng Jiu with a calm, dark face. He asked in extreme anger, "That's the most important thing you said?"

    "Hey hey, not this one. It's those at the back."

    As if she hadn't seen his anger, Feng Jiu raised her chin and motioned him to look at the lithe and graceful women coming down from the second floor, and said: "I spent a hefty price to have the female brothel keeper select some of the brothel performers. See if they are nice to look at."

    Hell's Lord took a quick glance at Feng Jiu while trying to restrain his impulse to strangle her. He flicked his sleeves and left.

    "Young Master..."

    The girls came down quickly and surrounded them. When Leng Hua saw this, he immediately shouted and pointed at Gray Wolf, "He's the boss, he has lots of money."

    Gray Wolf was breaking out in goosebumps from the female brothel keeper's overwhelming voice. When his Master left, he was busy rubbing his arms. He tried to follow his Master but was suddenly surrounded by more than a dozen women wearing translucent dresses. Their ample and soft bodies pressed toward him, a burst of alluring scents rushed to his nose. He felt a loud sound exploded in his brain and a wave of anger awash him. His face flushed red in an instant.

    "Don't touch me!"

    "Go away!"

    "Don't come close!"

    "Get lost!"

    He was surrounded by dozens of women with exquisite figures. Some were holding onto his waist, some flung their hands around his neck and leaning close to his face, while some others grabbed his hands and pressed them in their soft body parts. His whole body felt unwell instantly...

    "Get lost!"

    His furious shout contained spiritual qi. As soon as the voice came out, the qi flow were like ripples of water and instantly shook the women hanging around his waist off. For a moment, anguished wailing and chaos rang in the building.

    "You, you're trying to destroy my innocence!"

    The only thing Gray Wolf didn't do was howling. Having never experienced such a situation, his whole face turned red. He was hugged and held by more than a dozen women. Those women were too brazen, they grabbed his hands and pressed them on their soft breasts.

    When he was punished by his Master to work at the brothel, he was forced to change into translucent clothes but the visitors were not allowed to touch. Those women here were as scary as hungry wolves. These people were terrible!

    Gray Wolf felt a murderous intent. He was taken advantage of by the brothel's women even though he was a magnificent Golden Core cultivator.

    He glared angrily at Leng Hua who stood close by. It was him. If it hadn't been for his cry, the women would not have pounced at him all.

    He looked toward Feng Jiu to scold her, but in the end he just said, "You hurt my Master's feelings too much. He is very serious about you." As soon as he finished speaking, Gray Wolf turned around and left.

    He couldn't understand. His Master was so outstanding. Why wasn't the Ghost Doctor interested? His Master had done so much. He tried time and again to draw her close, but she repeatedly pushed him back.

    Women's heart were truly like a needle at the bottom of the ocean. It's impossible to guess and to clearly understand them. It's such a pity that Master was involved with her and was taken taken advantage of.

    Watching them leave, Leng Hua took out the silver to pay and then left the building with Feng Jiu. He looked at his mistress whose expression was different from her usual 'couldn't care less" mien. He felt a pull on his heartstrings.

    Mistress was not indifferent to him at all...
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