463 Old memories

    Leng Hua knew that Hell's Lord was outstanding. He was present that day when Hell's Lord talked with the Feng's family head. He could see that Hell's Lord loved his Mistress so much because he always had a gentle expression on his face whenever he talked with the Mistress.

    Although he did not know why the Mistress pushed Hell's Lord away and did not accept his feelings, he believed that she had her own reasons.

    "Let's go back!" Feng Jiu said, striding toward the Feng Residence.

    When they returned to the courtyard, Leng Shuang came out to welcome them. She only saw Feng Jiu and Leng Hua and asked, "Mistress, would you like to eat? Do you want the kitchen to prepare some meals?"

    "No need. Get the water ready. I'm going to take a bath." She walked in, leaving the siblings, Leng Shuang and Leng Hua outside.

    Leng Shuang motioned to Leng Hua. They went outside the courtyard. Leng Hua knew what she was going to ask, so without waiting for Leng Shuang to start speaking, he said, "Mistress is not in a good mood. Sister, please serve her carefully. You should not ask her if she did not say anything."

    Leng Shuang was slightly surprised to hear that, but she still nodded. "Mm, I know. I'm going to order the servants to prepare the bath water." She then turned around and left.

    After taking a glance at the Mistress' room inside the courtyard, Leng Hua stood guarding quietly outside.

    Not long after, after hot water was brought in, Feng Jiu took off her clothes and immersed her body in the wooden bath barrel. She leaned against the side of the barrel and looked up at the ceiling through mist and steam. She closed her eyes slowly.

    A memory stored in the deepest part of her heart, one that she didn't want ever to remember again, was resurfaced to the open because of today's chaotic mood...

    It was something that happened in the twenty-first century. It was a past life for her now, but in her heart, it seemed as if it was yesterday.

    As the leader of a modern secret organization, she gathered all the geniuses from various specialities. She received different training from normal people from childhood. Other children were in kindergarten when they were six years old whereas she was already learning assassination skills.

    While other people were still doing experiments in labs, she had already become a terrifying ghost doctor. She took a different road from ordinary people since childhood. Since she was not an ordinary person, she yearned for ordinary people.

    When she was fifteen years old, she received an assassination mission. The target was a 23-year-old man, a genius in medicine with a gentle and warm personality like the sun.

    After writing down the information about her prey, she thought about investigating it because she never killed innocent people.

    But she didn't expect that, because she wanted to find out, she would end up together with him. Now when she thought about it, she couldn't help laughing. At that time, when she thought of a way to approach him, she also hung on to him in a straightforward manner.

    That man knew full well that she was deliberate but still took her home. Later on, she asked him why he had let her hang on to him in the first place. But he smiled gently and looked at her with tender and affectionate eyes without saying anything.

    For fear of intimidating him with her identity, she acted like a well-behaved, ordinary girl. She went to school, returned home, and took a stroll together with him for three years. They even agreed to marry when she reached adulthood.

    However, she did not expect to receive a phone call from the lab that day with the news that he was about to die. When she arrived, he showed her a smile filled with apology and reluctance...

    Up until now, her heart still ached whenever she thought of the apology and reluctance in his eyes. She tried to suppress this feeling and bury it in the deep of her heart. However, Hell's Lord was pressing forward steadily. It made her somewhat unable to resist anymore, so much so that it caused turmoil in her heart.
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