464 It turned out to be that woman!

    She calmed her confused heart and took a deep breath slowly.

    It was originally believed that he died suddenly. Others said that he was killed by poisonous gas when he was working on a drug research. But later, she found out that it was the work of a woman in their laboratory who competed with him to study abroad.

    My goodness! A qualification to study abroad? She plotted to kill him for such a ridiculous reason.

    Instead of putting the woman in prison to be punished by the government, she took her back to a secret prison and slowly tortured her for a year.

    Who dared to touch her people and not die after suffering torture?

    She suddenly opened her eyes. Those eyes emitted a cold glint.

    It was that woman!

    She was the woman who was reborn as Su Ruo Yun! She was that woman who she tortured to death in her last life! There were not even a bit of recollection about Su Ruo Yun in her memory, but there was one in Feng Qing Ge's.

    "Damn it! How can I only think of that now?" She let out a low curse, her eyes were cold and murderous. If she had known that Su Ruo Yun was the woman in her past life, she would not have let her die so easily!

    But, how could that woman transmigrated here? Moreover, she came here earlier before Feng Jiu did?

    When she thought of that woman, her eyebrows tightened, but her heart was stirred. She transmigrated to this place, that woman also came here. Then he, would he be here too?

    Her heart beat violently at the thought of this possibility. However, she abandoned this idea altogether. How could there be so many possibilities in this world? That sort of thing simply couldn't happen.

    "Mistress, has the water cooled down? Do you need more hot water?"

    Leng Shuang waited outside the room and saw that Feng Jiu had soaked in the bath for a long time without asking for more hot water. She was afraid that Feng Jiu had soaked too long and thus asked aloud.

    "No need." After she put her mind in order, she got out of the barrel, took a towel and wiped the water off her body. Then she put on her clothes and went inside. "Get someone to clean up."

    "Yes." Leng Shuang answered. Two servant girls came in and pour the water out, and moved the wooden bath barrel to another room.

    "Mistress, the kitchen has made a swallow's nest stew for you. Eat it and take a rest!" Leng Shuang came in with a bowl of swallow's nests and brought it to Leng Shuang who was leaning on the bed.

    Feng Jiu originally wanted to tell her to let her eat alone. But when she looked up, Feng Jiu saw the trace of worry in Leng Shuang's eyes. She smiled and placated her, "It's okay. I'm alright, I was just not in a good mood earlier. I felt much better after soaking in the bath." She took the bird's nest and ate it slowly.

    Leng Shuang's worry gradually eased. When Feng Jiu finished eating, she put the bowl back to the tray and said, "Mistress, please rest early! By the way, Luo Yu and his men came over in the evening and said that the Feng guards' strengths had increased several ranks. Even their own strengths had also increased."

    "Mm, I see." She nodded and signaled for Leng Shuang to withdraw.

    Leng Shuang made a salute and went out with the tray.

    As soon as she went out, she saw Leng Hua being dragged to a trail nearby by Gray Wolf. It was unknown where the two went and what they were talking about. Seeing this, she approached and called out, "Ah Hua."

    "Sister," Leng Hua hurried back and asked, "Has the Mistress eaten the swallow's nest yet?"

    "Mm, she has."

    Leng Shuang took a glance at Gray Wolf and told Leng Hua, "Go back and rest early. I'll just stay here."

    "Your Mistress has no thoughts on seeing my Master?" Gray Wolf glared at them. He felt that the Ghost Doctor should have gone to his Master and made things clear.
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