465 Hell’s Lord Worry

    "My Mistress has been asleep. Come back tomorrow if you have some matters to talk with her." Leng Shuang told Gray Wolf and released Leng Hua from his duty for some rest.

    Gray Wolf suddenly felt enraged, he recalled being taken advantage of by those women earlier that night. "Your Mistress has been asleep, but my Master couldn't sleep a wink, ah!" His Master had been sitting there ever since they returned from the brothel. Hell's Lord emitted wrath from all over his body, so he didn't dare to approach him.

    Since he wouldn't be able to go to bed tonight, his bellyful of resentments should not be given rest either.

    "What's the connection of not being able to sleep with my Mistress? Let me give you a warning, my Mistress is in a bad mood. Don't bother her." Leng Shuang put down his words coldly. She handed the tray to a servant girl passing by and returned to guard the courtyard.

    Gray Wolf, who was still full of anger, was surprised. The Ghost Doctor was in a bad mood? Why was she in a bad mood? Could she still be in a bad mood? Perhaps, she regretted taking her Master to the brothel?

    But this thought made him imagine too much. He followed Leng Shuang while asking questions to keep his mind from wandering, "She's not in a good mood? Who made her angry?"

    Leng Shuang ignored him at first, but then she saw that he was getting close to the courtyard. She was afraid that he would disturb the Mistress' rest by continuously pestering her, so she turned around and stared at him coldly.

    "She has been in a bad mood ever since she returned. Leng Hua said she didn't even eat a bite tonight. When I asked her, she said she didn't have any appetite. She just ate half a bowl of bird's nest. You asked me why she was in a bad mood. I also wanted to ask you what the hell is going on."

    Her voice was cold and she stared at Gray Wolf with a wooden expression. For a moment, Gray Wolf involuntarily retreated a few steps. It was not because he was afraid of her, but when he looked at her exquisite and slender figure, her black dress couldn't hide her ample breasts. This appearance reminded him of some bad memories earlier.

    When she turned around and approached, he involuntarily wanted to step back. This instinctive response made him burst into a panic. He began to shudder, would tonight's experience made him feel traumatic? He hadn't married yet. What to do if he truly becomes afraid of women?

    He instantly did not pay any attention to the Master's bad mood. He turned around and walked back. His mind was preoccupied and also a bit flustered.

    When he returned to the courtyard, Shadow One saw that he wore an unusual expression. He asked, "What's wrong?"

    "I've just gone to the Ghost Doctor, but I didn't see her. Instead, I heard from the two siblings Leng Shuang and Leng Hua that the Ghost Doctor's mood didn't seem very good. Besides, she went to bed without eating properly tonight."

    He did not whisper but spoke in a normal volume. He looked toward the room and pointed his finger to it, asking about Shadow One's Master. After seeing Shadow One shake his head, he sighed and sat down at the stone table in the courtyard.

    Hell's Lord drank alone in the room. After hearing what Gray Wolf said, his hand that was pouring wine was stilled and his expression was slightly dazed.

    She was in a bad mood and had not eaten anything since she came back tonight?

    He frowned at the thought that she had spent the whole day accompanying him and had not eaten anything except the porridge at noon.

    Why did this woman not know how to take care of herself?

    He put down the wine jug and stood up without any thoughts. But when he reached the doorway and was about to open the door, his hand stilled...
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