467 His imagination run wild

    Gray Wolf and Leng Shuang watched on as Hell's Lord's one hand was holding the wine jar while his other hand was grasping Feng Jiu's hand. They sat facing each other - one was smiling, the other was staring. The two people who were guarding at the door felt that the atmosphere was somewhat weird. Fortunately, this strange atmosphere was broken quickly.

    Shadow One came in followed by several people carrying food into the room. When he saw the two people at the door watching inside the room closely, he also turned his sights inside. When he saw the scene, he coughed softly and said, "Master, dinner is ready."

    "Come in." Hell's Lord commanded and let go of her hand. Then he arranged the two bowls on the table, unscrewed the wine jar and poured less than a half-bowl amount of wine into the bowl.

    Shadow One ordered the servants to withdraw after finished serving the meal. At the same time, he called out for the two people guarding the door to close the door and give the masters some private time.

    When Hell's Lord saw Feng Jiu lifting her bowl and took the wine in one gulp, he creased his brows and shoved a few dishes in front of her. "Eat some. Drinking on an empty stomach is harmful to your body."

    After Feng Jiu drank that half bowl of wine, her eyes brightened, "Sure enough, it's the best spirit wine! It's both mellow and fragrant! Give me another bowl!" When the spirit wine went down her throat and reached her stomach, some spirit powers were generated afterwards and moistened her veins. She knew then that this spirit wine was extremely rare.

    Even though the spirit wines she had given her Grandpa were still excellent, those were not this rich with the spirit powers nor were they mellow and fragrant. She had never encountered this kind of wine at the Green Gallop Country at the least.

    Hell's Lord looked askance at her, "Another bowl? Do you think this is water? Eat the dishes! "

    "It's too little, not enough for a taste." She looked at him, smiling. "Didn't you come here for a drink? Now that you're here, don't be so stingy. How can you not enjoy drinking wine to the fullest?"

    "This wine is very strong, you won't be able to handle it."

    "Rest assured, I will not get drunk. Even if I get drunk, I will not have sex under the influence. Calm down!" She waved her hand and spoke in an unconcerned manner.

    However, when this man heard the words "sex under the influence", he focused his deep, dark eyes at her. He saw that she only downed half a bowl of wine, yet her eyes were somewhat blurred. She kept saying that she was not drunk, but she had on the look that seemed drunk yet not drunk which carried a special charm. His heart gave a start.

    His imagination suddenly ran wild, sex under the influence...

    "What are you distracted about, holding the wine jar? Pour the wine quickly!"

    She frowned. Because she drank on an empty stomach fiercely, her delicate and beautiful cheeks were suffused with a red glow. She looked so alluring under the candle lights. At this moment, she was different from usual. Her languid movements were both enchanting and lovely, those who saw her would be seduced by her.

    Hell's Lord gulped unconsciously and shifted his eyes away from her intoxicating face. He coughed softly and said, "Eat some food first, then I will pour the wine for you." He added, "There's enough wine tonight."

    Feng Jiu smiled and patted the table. She laughed out loud, "Good! That's what you said! Don't return before you get drunk!" This wine was too strong? It's obvious that he's unwilling to give her a drink. This miser, she's going to drink all his wine tonight!

    Gray Wolf and Shadow One heard everything that was said inside the room. They looked at each other.

    This was a chance!
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