468 Delicate And Drunk

    No wonder master had taken out the superb quality wine that was worth over a thousand dollars. He was waiting for the Ghost Doctor here. But would master really get the Ghost Doctor drunk?

    The two men looked over to Leng Shuang and decided that they should get her away from here. Otherwise, even if the Ghost Doctor was drunk, it would be impossible for their master to do anything if she was here!

    Hence Gray Wolf turned and smiled: "Leng Shuang, go back to rest first! We can keep watch here."

    Leng Shuang glanced at them but said nothing but continued to stand in the courtyard quietly. She had heard what was said in the room and was afraid that should her mistress get drunk after drinking too much due to her good mood, something were to happen.

    When they saw that she had ignored them, Gray Wolf grinned and asked: "Leng Shuang, how long have you served the Ghost Doctor? It is obvious that she trusts you a lot! When she went to Green Gallop Country she only took you along."

    As she looked at the two people who came closer to her, she frowned: "You..." she barely got her words out when, her back stung with pain, and she fainted in a heap on the floor.

    Gray Wolf looked at Leng Shuang who was on the floor and squinted as he said: "Why didn't you catch her?"

    Shadow One looked back at him and said: "Why didn't you catch her?"

    "You are closer to her!"

    "I thought you were going to catch her!"

    After they finished talking, they were silent as they looked at each other. Then Gray Wolf said: "Hurry up and carry her over to that room there."

    "You carry her. I don't want to." Shadow One stepped back and refused to look at him.

    When he heard this and watched as he retreated, Gray Wolf wanted to go up and kick him a couple of times. He glared at him sullenly, then looked at Leng Shuang who was still unconscious on the floor. He hesitated a bit, and then bent down to pick up Leng Shuang and carried her over to the room on the other side.

    As for the two people who were in the room drinking wine, that was another scenario.

    Feng Jiu had only been wearing a coat, and now that had been taken off, she was only wearing a blouse as she held the large bowl of wine in her hands and downed it all. She slammed the bowl down on the table heavily: "Pour some more!"

    Hell's Lord who was sat beside her squinted as his eyesight became blurry looking at the reddish face of the drunk woman. He did not pour her anymore wine, but put some food on her plate instead: "Eat something."

    "Wine. I want wine." She waved her hand and pushed her wine bowl in front of him and pointed into the bowl: "In here, pour."

    Upon seeing this, Hell's Lord raised the wine jar and poured into the bowl. This is spirit wine, it would not harm the body too much. Besides, she had eaten some food, she was probably okay to drink some more.

    As she downed bowl after bowl, the jar of spirit wine emptied very quickly. Hell's Lord shook the empty wine jar and looked at the woman beside him. His brow raised up: "Why are you looking at me?"

    The drunken woman rested her chin on her hands as she looked smilingly at him. Her head moved from side to side, and her eyes were exceptionally bright. For some reason he found that interesting.

    It turned out that she was pretty cute when she was drunk.

    Cute? He never thought such words would ever come from his brain.

    "Let me tell you something in secret, move closer." She stared at him with her mesmerising drunk eyes as she beckoned him over with a hook of her finger.

    When he saw this, Hell's Lord's heart skipped, like an excited deer that pounced up and down. He moved over towards her, and as he looked at the tender and desirable lips in front of him, his breathing got heavier.
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