469 You Seduced Me

    What he had not expected was that the woman grabbed his neck and pulled him towards her. Her warm lips were close to his ear, and a feeling of numbness came over him as he stiffened up at the warm breath. He felt a rush of fire in his abdomen.

    This drunk woman still did not know what she had done. She continued to breath down his ear, and she even laughed pleasingly in his ear.

    "Hahaha... I tell you, you are actually very handsome and cool.....very pleasing indeed."

    She was not finished. The hand that was around Hell's Lord's neck moved up and touched his face. She giggled and said: "Don't think that I don't know you have been trying to seduce me all day. Do you believe that I will not be able to control myself and pounce on you?"

    She hiccupped and patted her chest. Her confused eyes watched the man with dark black eyes staring at her. She became annoyed and her red lips muttered: "What are you looking at? If you continue to look, do you believe that I will sort you out!"

    "Oh. What do you want to do to me? Tell me honestly, have you been coveting after me for a long time?"

    His voice was low and hoarse, with a fascinating magnetic charm, like a seduction, a temptation, his dark black eyes stared at the drunken woman in front of him. He felt a tug in his heart, like someone was scratching at it.


    She giggled, then stood up and held his face in her hands. Her drunken eyes stared at the handsome man in front of her. She smiled slyly: "I shall be honest with you! I have coveted after your handsomeness for a long time, Tell me, how can there be such a good looking person like you? Um, no, you are not human..."

    When he heard her words, his heart felt hot, his dark eyes sparkled. That was joy. It was amazing, a wonderful feeling that could not be described. He only knew that she was drunk and confused, but her words made his heart feel like it could fly.

    What anger, what lowly woman, what rejection. At this point it had all disappeared to the back of his mind. He only knew that he would never let go of this woman, not in this life!

    "I am not human, then what am I?" He asked with a funny smile, he spun her round so that she fell into his embrace and sat on his lap.

    Feng Jiu was so drunk, he couldn't get enough of her. She could not stop speaking. What of her not being good with words. He felt weighed down as she sat on his lap. She giggled and hugged him around his neck . He was filled with excitement.

    "What a soft chair." as she spoke, she purposely wriggled down into the softness to feel the comfort of the chair. However, she quickly frowned and said: "Take the stick away....."

    She reached out for it, but heard a deep sigh and her whole body was tightened up.

    "Well," she blinked her eyes and approached his face like a curious baby; "What are you doing?"

    Hell's Lord only felt pain in one place, he looked at the woman in his arms, gritted his teeth and carried her up.

    "You seduced me!"
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