470 Coveting a beauty

    Feng Jiu that was carried in his embrace was kicking both her legs while giggling continuously, "I didn't seduce you."

    "You did too!" Hell's Lord furiously said. The flame within his body was boiling hot so that his muscles swelled up. His body was stretched taut. He felt that there was this fire could only be extinguished by the woman in his arms.

    Feng Jiu, carried to the inner room in his embrace, rubbed her blurry eyes and looked at the handsome and charming face in front of her. She nodded and said normally, "Mm, I did."

    But the next moment, that normal look was transformed. She laughed like a gangster, both her hands were touching the man's body erratically, "Uncle, don't just talk, use your body. Come here, let me touch your muscles. I've been itching to touch your abdominal muscles from the first time I saw you. Hey hey hey..."

    Hell's Lord's deep eyes were ablaze, his lips curved up. He looked at the drunken woman who had no sense of direction. He said, "Oh? It turned out that you were already enamoured by this Lord at the Nine Entrapment Woods."

    "Hey hey, I just wanted to touch..." She smiled and squinted drunkenly, rubbing his arms like a kitten.

    "When we get to bed, this Lord will let you touch anywhere you want." Hell's Lord said generously. His face was continuously smiling. He came to the inner room in three or two steps. However, at this time, the woman in his embrace patted his arms.

    "Put me down."

    "Do you think you have a chance to shirk now that you've kindled the fire?" He ignored her and now he just wanted to do the deed!

    "Hic! Put me down quickly..." She hiccuped again, she looked unwell.

    "I won't." The big bed is close at hand. It was so hard to get her drunk. How could he miss such an opportunity?

    Feng Jiu frowned. She pushed the lapel of his jacket with both hands. She buried her small face and vomited.

    He originally would not let her go no matter what she said. Hell's Lord only eyed the big bed in front of him. However, at this time, his body was frozen and his eyes were incredulous.

    He looked down at the woman in his embrace, only to see her vomiting for a long time and wiped her mouth with the corner of his clothes. She looked up innocently at him as if to say that it was none of my business since you did not let me down...

    "Hic, I can't help it." She blinked and her face was innocent. Because she drank wine, she felt her eyelids getting heavier and heavier. She felt comfortable after throwing up, so she grinned and then slowly fell asleep.

    "Feng Jiu!"

    Hell's Lord roared in a fuming rage. His bellow was very loud and clear in the night. It shocked the whole Feng Residence...

    Feng Jiu woke up at noon the next day. She drank too much wine last night. Her head was heavy and her temples were still throbbing with pain.

    As she lay in bed, she gradually regained consciousness. Suddenly, she thought of what happened last night and blinked. "What did I do last night?"

    Some images floated in her mind also those of what she had said and done. Her expression turned odd as the whole picture became clearer and clearer.

    She thought of what she did last night, and also thought of facing Hell's Lord. For a moment, she just thought about whether she should go to Peach Blossom Ridge for a few days to hide.
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