471 Feign Ignorance

    After she had washed up and got dressed, she walked out of the room but could not see Leng Shuang anywhere. She called out, but there was no answer. She went to her room to check and found that the girl was lying on her bed still fully clothed, and she had not even removed her shoes.

    She frowned, then pinched the girl. Leng Shuang slowly awoke.


    Leng Shuang looked at her, then as if she had thought of something, she suddenly jumped out of bed: "Mistress, are you okay?"

    "I seem to be fine, but how did you get knocked out? And it seemed like a heavy blow as well." She thought about it, in the Feng Residence, other than Shadow One and Gray Wolf, no one else would dare touch Leng Shuang.

    "It was the two of them who knocked me out last night." Leng Shuang frowned as she spoke. She thought about Shadow One and Gray Wolf's ambush last night and her little face became cold and frosty at once.

    "I was going to ask you what happened last night. But by the looks of it, you don't know any more than I do." She sighed and waved her hand: "It's fine. I shall go and have something to eat, then go and take a look at the Feng Guards."

    Upon seeing her mistress leave, Leng Shuang clenched her teeth as she washed up and changed into a set of black clothes before she went outside. She was not going to confront Shadow One and Gray Wolf because her strength was beneath theirs, she would not be able to defeat them in a fight.

    Therefore, when her mistress was having her meal in the courtyard, she asked: "Mistress, I want to teach Shadow One and Gray Wolf a lesson, but I cannot defeat them."

    Feng Jiu was eating her food and drinking her soup, but upon hearing those words, her eyes lit up slyly: "That's easy, I have many ways to deal with them." She put down her bowl and dabbed the corner of her mouth, then plucked out a vial from thin air.

    "Here, a bottle of medicine and the deed is done." She laughed slyly like a fox and continued: "This is even better than beating them up."

    Leng Shuang picked up the vial of medicine and took a look at it, then bowed and took her leave, disappearing into the kitchen.

    They live in the Feng Residence, and all the kitchen staff work for the Feng Residence, it was so convenient to do anything to them.

    When she saw Leng Shuang go into the kitchen, Feng Jiu decided to go to the hills to take a look. But on her way out, she saw a figure walking towards her. Her instinct was to make a quick getaway.

    She also thought about hiding before he saw her. But just as she took a step and turned, a voice rang out.

    "What's wrong? Last night you were hugging and touching me. But this morning you want to feign ignorance and pretend you don't know me?"

    Hell's Lord spoke coldly as he walked over at a steady pace. He soaked himself all night in cold water in order to suppress his urges, his skin was all wrinkled up. This woman, she had stirred up his urges and yet had not helped to ease them. If situations like last night were to happen a few more times, he was afraid that he would be broken.

    "Hehe, Hell's Lord, good morning."

    She smiled awkwardly as she turned around to greet him. She was surprised to find that although his face was stretched thin, but she did not see anger in his face. In face, there was a sense of helplessness. This made her feel weird.

    When she saw him, her mind flashed up snippets of things that happened the night before. When she awoke this morning, she remembered that she had hugged and touched him last night, and that she spoke to him teasingly. Finally, she had thrown up all over him. She was so embarrassed that she wanted to find a hole and hide inside.

    But when she looked at him now, she could not help but look below his waistline, her eyes widened...

    God! No way!
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