472 What Are Your Eyes Looking At?

    Ok! It was probably not! She was overthinking it!

    The more she thought about it, her heart felt more faint, her head was lowered and she daren't look at that man.

    When Hell's Lord saw her guilty expression, and her eyes as she moved from below his waistline to away from him, he stiffened. There was a slight change in her usual hot and fiery demeanor.

    As he felt the change in her, the expression on his face showed some awkwardness. He glanced angrily at the shameless woman, his low voice had a tinge of embarrassment.

    "This is day time. What are your eyes looking at?"

    Feng Jiu looked up at the sky immediately and replied: "Nothing, just looking at the weather today. It seems quite nice."


    He snorted coldy and took a deep breath to release the tension in his body. The chill in his body ran all the way through, even the fire from below dissipated.

    A light breeze blew across the courtyard and brought chilliness in the air. Feng Jiu felt it and looked at him. She remembered that the Thousand Year Frost Poison in his body was not fully dispelled. She asked: "That! Hell's Lord! How is the Thousand Year Frost poison in your body? Did you have an attack? Was the antidote I passed to Gray Wolf effective?"

    Hell's Lord eased up and glanced at her and answered through pursed lips: "Well, after I took your pills, I no longer have any episodes on the fifteenth of each month."

    "That's good. I will give you a small bottle. When I have time, I will examine your bloodwork and try to find a cure for you."

    She spoke like she was trying to get in his good books. In actual fact, he had done her a big favour. He had travelled such a long way. She knew his intentions, and in regards to his Thousand Year Frost Poison, she hoped that she would be able to find a cure for him.

    When she saw one of his episodes in the Nine Entrapment Woods, it was really heart-wrenching. It was unfortunate that it was a Thousand Year Frost Poison. If it were any other poison, it would have been much easier to come up with a cure.

    Hell's Lord did not speak. He took out a dagger and cut his wrist, then dripped his blood into a vial and handed it over to her.

    Feng Jiu was startled and she stared at his wrist which was still dripping with blood. She couldn't help but shout: "Is there something wrong with your brain? I said I needed a small vial of your blood, but I didn't say I needed it now! Why did you cut your wrist without saying anything? There's too much blood!"

    Although she had scolded him, but she took the vial of blood he had handed over to her swiftly, then got some medicine and cloth from mid air to dress his wounds.

    Hell's Lord looked down at the woman who was tending to his wound. Although she was scolding him, he could not help but feel at ease. The gaze in his black eyes softened and a smile appeared on his lips.

    "It's nothing. Just a bit of blood."

    When he spoke, his voice was unusually soft. Indeed this was nothing to him. He didn't usually bother to tend to small wounds like this.

    "It's okay now." Feng Jiu took a step back as she looked at his wrist with satisfaction.

    Hell's Lord's gaze shifted from her to his bandaged wrist. His smile waned.

    It was a red cloth. He knew that it was torn from one of her red clothings. It was bad enough that she used a red cloth, but she had also tied a big bow. It was far too conspicuous. Was she afraid that other would not notice his wound?
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