473 Ready To Start!

    When she saw him looking at the bow on his wrist, Feng Jiu tried to take the opportunity to leave: "Okay, I have things to tend to, I am leaving."

    Hell's Lord looked up and saw the figure of Feng Jiu as she walked away from him. When he saw that, he shook his head and continued walking forwards slowly.

    At the same time, in the palace, Murong Bo's body was continually aging, his temper was getting increasingly violent. In a space of a few days, he had already killed many guards. It was no wonder that those who were around him were frightened and uneasy.

    He was unable to find a cure, nor trace the whereabouts of the Ghost Doctor. Every other day his body aged ten years. After two or three days, his whole appearance would have been transformed. If Feng Jiu was here, she would not have recognised him.

    "Gather everyone! Tonight we will enter Feng Residence! We will surprise them with an attack! If you can capture Feng Qing Ge then get her, if not then capture the unconscious Feng Xiao! I don't believe that they would not hand over the antidote if fall into our hands!"

    He shouted with anger, his voice was old and dry, like an old man who had lost all his vitality and was about to die at any moment.

    His body was not able to withstand the shouting and he had a coughing fit. The generals and guards who were knelt below him could not help but look up at him.

    One person hesitated and spoke: "My Lord, I am afraid that it won't work. Feng Residence is now guarded by highly skilled people, I am afraid... Bang! Clash!"

    Before he could finish speaking, a teacup landed on his forehead then onto the floor. The teacup smashed into many pieces, and blood dripped down from the man's forehead. He did not dare wipe the blood and just looked down fearful to say another word.

    "Speak! Try to stop me and you will see!"

    Murong Bo stared at everyone below him viciously: "Who dares to stop me and I will kill him!"

    "Your servant will go and gather the troops immediately and we will besiege Feng Residence tonight! We will capture Feng Xiao and hand him over to you My Lord!" The people below spoke quickly, fearful of going against his command.

    In actual fact, everyone knew that Feng Residence was untouchable at this point in time. However, they could not go against the Ruler's orders. If they did not carry out his orders, they did not have to wait to be killed then, they would be killed right now.

    As for the siege of Feng Residence, everyone could imagine what was going to happen, the whole army would be annihilated!

    A Nascent Soul Old Monster could take out a whole Sun Glory Country, but the man who single-handedly took out the Nascent Soul Old Monster was still in the Feng Residence. To tell them to attack Feng Residence, was it not asking for death?

    Ruler was affected by the pain from his illness, hence he had lost his sense of reason. They understood the consequences of attacking the Feng Residence, if so, then.....

    A thought took place in their hearts, but no one had said anything at this point. They continued to kneel respectfully in the great hall and listened carefully to the instructions of Murong Bo.

    "Okay, you can all leave now. Tonight you will come with me. I don't believe that Feng Residence and one skilled person can withstand my thousand soldiers." He said sullenly and waved his hand gesturing for the people below to take their leave.

    The people that were knelt down had not dared to move. When they heard his words, they answered respectfully, bowed and took their leave. After they exited the great hall, they finally breathed a sigh of relief.

    They looked back at the great hall and all sighed before they shook their heads and left.
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