475 Bestowed with Hells Lord Command

    Seeing their embarrassed expressions as well as their lifted buttocks and clamped legs, Leng Shuang felt relieved. Mistress said that when the medicine was consumed it would produce gas. It was indeed made sense.

    She did know what the medicine was for, but looking at the two men, it was better than giving them a beating.

    Hell's Lord glanced at the two men behind him and told them with a frown, "Go and stand outside the courtyard." He meant to give those two the cold-shoulder. They had been continuously farting all the way while following him. How could he shake them off?

    "Master, help us to say good words to the Ghost Doctor and seek an antidote. Look at us two like this, it's really not very elegant!!" Gray Wolf said awkwardly. When he finished talking, another farting sound could be heard. He passed gas on this side, while at the same time, Shadow One also broke wind over the other side. Hell's Lord's handsome face turned gloomy.

    "Ai, I can't do anything about it. There's no antidote." Feng Jiu smilingly told them while putting away the dagger in her hand. "This medicine can't kill anybody, and it's not painful or itchy. At most, it's just for you to pass gas for three days and three nights. It's to purify the bad qi in your abdomen."

    She chortled, "Don't thank me too much. I won't charge you any money."

    Hearing her saying that there was no antidote, Gray Wolf and Shadow One suddenly wilted. They hung their head and their face paled. They could not restrain themselves anymore. They jumped out of the courtyard in a hurry. When they went outside, people inside the courtyard heard a loud belch.

    Instead of paying attention to them, Hell's Lord looked at Feng Jiu and asked, "Don't you need this lord's help tonight?" He remembered that she had said she liked to handle things by herself and did not like him to interfere at will, so he came to ask her. After all, he did not know how much hidden strength that the Sun Glory Country's ruler had and whether she could deal with it.

    "No need, I've arranged everything. There won't be any accidents. That Murong Bo is just a useless man at the moment. I don't believe that his subordinates will stay loyal when the master is useless."

    Tonight, she wanted Murong Bo to know that when he provoked her and the Feng clan. There's no way he could stop once he threw in his hand. He would pay a terrible price for his stupidity! No matter who he was, he would not be able to change his fate!

    Seeing her natural radiance between her eyebrows as if she had a card up her sleeve, he nodded. "This Lord knows and will not interfere."

    With a low and magnetic voice, he looked at her deeply and added, "Nevertheless, whenever you need this Lord's help in the future, you must say that this lord is your strong backing at any time." He reached out and handed out a token.

    Feng Jiu's eyes glittered, her heart was moved. She did not know what to say when she looked at the sombre-looking man. Her gaze shifted to the token in his hand. Hell's Lord's Order was very eye-catching.

    "Is this the command token of Hell's Lord Palace?" She just looked at him and hadn't taken the token yet. If she took the token out of his hand, she was afraid it wasn't an ordinary command token.

    His deep dark eyes fell on her body and looked at her expression. He nodded. "Mm, not only this is the command token of Hell's Palace, but it's also the highest command token of the palace. When people see the token, it is as if they see me in person. If you carry this Lord's command token, you will have the right to mobilize all the people and forces within Hell's Palace."
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