476 Welcome to the Residence!

    "Isn't that too good?" She opened her mouth. She didn't dare to receive such great forces to mobilize all over the country, ah!

    "Take it!" Hell's Lord put the command token in her hand and turned around to leave. He said, "After you finished dealing with this matter, let's go for a drink."

    Hearing this, Feng Jiu's lips curved. She then looked at the man who had left with his ears turning red. A smile could not help but blossom on her lips.

    This pretentious and arrogant man! How could there possibly be a second time? She got drunk only once!

    "Let's go! Let's see what our ruler looks like now." She put the command token away and walked out.

    Leng Shuang and Leng Hua looked at each other, smiled, and then followed her outside.

    Tonight, besides Feng Xiao, who was at closed-door cultivation, and the eight middle-aged Fengwei who stood guard protecting Feng Xiao, other people in the Feng Residence were preparing to fight with Murong Bo. All of them were on standby, waiting for Feng Jiu's order.


    Luo Yu and the other eight people were guarding inside the gate. They hadn't yet received Feng Jiu's order, so they did not open the gate and went out. When they saw her coming, they all saluted respectfully and called out.


    Feng Jiu looked at those people, then stood on tiptoe and leapt up. The red figure flew up in the night like a lithe goose. She flipped in the air and stood on the top of the Feng Residence gate with a dazzling posture.

    Luo Yu and the others raised their heads and saw their mistress standing at the top of the gate in a stunning and extravagant red dress. The red dress soared in the wind, exuding an air of unbridled pride as if saying, "I will destroy you swiftly and fiercely even though your millions of troops are sweeping in. " Their hearts were moved. They also leapt and stood at both her left and right side.

    Four Golden Core cultivators flew out from of thin air. The four of them stood nearby in a welcoming pose. With hands clasped behind their back, they watched the hastily assembled troop marching in as the Feng Residence was now surrounded by several layers of soldiers. Their killing spirit spread out all over the body, the Golden Core cultivators' pressures seemed to radiate from nothing. They just waited for the Feng Jiu's order to annihilate the people below.

    The soldiers below, as well as the clans' forces in the shadows, saw the figures standing above the Feng clan gate, and their eyes shrank.

    The Feng Residence's people looked nothing in numbers compared to the numerous soldiers. But in terms of strength, Miss Feng and her people, not to mention the four Golden Core cultivators, were enough to sweep everything away.

    The Feng clan had shown up. Where was Murong Bo? They heard the news that his appearance had changed greatly since his illness, what on earth had he turned into?

    While they were wondering, an imperial chariot carried by eight Martial Ancestors came flying and landed firmly fifty meters away from the Feng Residence gate. The chariot was surrounded by a dozen black-clothed shadow guards besides his eight Martial Ancestors confidants.

    The chariot was half-covered with a veil. Even the people around him couldn't see clearly what Murong Bo looked like. But the more so, the more curious the clans' people were about Murong Bo's appearance. Would he not dare to come out in front of people? How grave was his illness to make such irrational decision?

    "The ruler's presence in the Feng Residence really brings light to this one's humble dwelling. If we don't open the door and welcome you to the Residence, we can't express our excitement."

    After she finished speaking, the Feng Residence gate opened and the Feng guards wearing silver armours came out quickly.
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