477 Raze to the ground!

    Seeing the grandeur and bloodthirst aura emitted by each and every one of the Feng guards, the soldiers stared back with fear in their eyes. If we talk about soldiers, the Feng guards deserved to get the first rank!

    Each of them can fight ten or even a hundred! They followed the Feng clan's head to fight enemies in the battlefield. The Feng guards were the sharpest knife in the Feng Residence and also a sharp knife in Sun Glory Country. If they were facing outsiders, they would applaud them for being a sharp knife. But inside the country, when the sharp knife is targeting them, they would not only have reverence for them but also fear, rising from the bottom of their hearts.

    They knew that they were not their opponents. Even if they were far more numerous than the Feng clan, fear occupied their hearts since everyone knew that the outcome of fighting was death. Fear engulfed their fighting spirits so that they could no longer fight.

    The clans' masters viewed this differently from the soldiers. They watched the Feng guards, in their full combat fatigues, with unfathomable feelings.

    When did it start? Why had their aura and vigour changed? As if everyone had advanced in ranks, their mystical energy was much stronger. The mystical energy came together and burst out even more fiercely.

    But, how could all aspects advance? It's obvious that such a thing was impossible. But now that the proof was put in front of them, how come that it still seems so inconceivable?

    Seeing all the Feng guards appeared, the soldiers unconsciously retreated. Murong Bo inside the imperial chariot had a gloomy and crazy look. He grasped both sides of the imperial chariot tightly and glared at the red figure standing on the top of the Feng Residence gate.

    "Feng Qing Ge! Don't think I don't know you poisoned me! Hand over the antidote! Otherwise, tonight, I will raze your Feng Residence to the ground!"

    When the elderly, rough and parched voice came out, the clans' people were startled. Was the disease this grave? That voice did not carry any mystical energy at all. It was just like an ordinary old man, but also the kind of an aged man whose vitality had come to an end.

    No wonder that he would issue matters and commands that defied reasons. No matter whether he did it or not, he could only wait for death. Since that's the case, why didn't he fight? Maybe in his opinion, he could only live if he forced the Feng Residence to hand over the antidote. But why did he think the Feng Residence harm him?

    When those people were pondering this matter, a clear and resonant yet indolent voice was heard in the deep of night.

    "Ruler, Feng clan has been loyal to the imperial family for generations. How can you slander us like this? You said I hurt you but did I hurt you for any reason?"

    "Reason? Ha ha ha ha! Feng Qing Ge, you knew I sent someone to ambush Feng Xiao, right? That's why you poisoned me and tried to torture me to death! You're right! I personally ambushed your father, but unfortunately, I could not kill him at that time and let his life hanging by a thread. Now he's between life and death. A man in a coma is a useless person. Even if he's alive, what's the meaning of it?"

    "Ha ha ha ha... Today, whether you hand in the antidote or not, I'm not afraid to let everyone knows what I'm going to do. You just need to know that if I can't live, your Feng Residence will suffer with me! "
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