478 Overthrowing Murong Bo

    All the people present opened their eyes wide and looked at Murong Bo with an incredulous expression. No one expected that the almost insane Ruler would say something like this. People were aware that even if he really used his subordinates to kill Feng Xiao, this fact could not be said in front of so many people. His action would not only lose the hearts of the people but also make people bitterly disappointed at him.

    Sure enough, there was a great commotion when the soldiers heard what he said. The whole scene was chaotic.

    Murong Bo didn't seem to care at this time. Yes, he paid no attention, because now the people were frantic, stimulated by Feng Jiu's words.

    He only had antidotes in his mind, antidotes, antidotes! In addition to the antidote, he wanted to wipe out the Feng Residence. The intention to raze the Feng Residence to the ground was lit intensely in his mind!

    In his view, he ended up like this because the Feng clan bullied him, the Ruler, using their strength. But he never thought that the Feng clan had never deceived the Ruler even to the point they had been guarding Sun Glory Country and the imperial Murong family continuously. His delusion would bring him to the current situation.

    Feng Jiu, who heard him tell the story, raised her lips slightly and showed a faint smile on her face. She asked Gray Wolf to give him medicine, not only to age him, but also to let him lose his reason in panic.

    Even if she intended to sort him up, overthrow his country and destroy his dynasty, she would let everyone know that it was Murong Bo who had intended to destroy the Feng clan and that he himself forced the clan to rise up.

    With the loyalty of the Feng clan from generation to generation, she believed that after the Murong Bo's kingdom was destroyed, her father could easily take over the Sun Glory Country as Ruler and become the kingdom's monarch.

    Sure! She had been grappling with this idea ever since Murong Bo started to raise his hand to strike!

    Originally, she wanted to take her father and grandfather to other countries, but after pondering about this matter, her foundation was not firm yet. Even if she could protect them in other countries, she would be anxious that they were besieged by the forces all around them when she left home to travel.

    Another reason was that the Feng clan had lived here for generations. Although Sun Glory Country was a small ninth-grade country, her grandfather and father were born and raised here, and there were deep affections here anyway. Moreover, there was no news regarding her grandfather yet. If they left, she's afraid that her grandfather could not find them in the future.

    As a result, she had the intention of pushing her father to the throne. Her father would take the throne and became the new generation of Ruler. Then, he didn't have to leave the country with her to brave danger with her. Her father could wait for Grandpa to come back here.

    She thought about this over and over again and reached the conclusion that there was no better place to go. The best solution was to turn Sun Glory Country into their Feng clan's hands.

    With the support of both her strength and all the Feng clan's people's power, her father absolutely could obtain the seat of the Sun Glory Country's Ruler firmly! Although it was presently a small ninth-grade country, they would surely get a higher grade in the future.

    At this moment, her eyes burst out with brilliant light. With a cool voice filled with the mystical energy, her words were transmitted distinctly into the people's ears below. Her voice that carried both pressure and intimidation, as well as the words she spoke set off a wave of shock to their mind and consciousness...
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