479 Who’s going to be the Ruler?

    "My Feng clan has been loyal for generations. We are protecting the Sun Glory Country. It's a pity that the monarch is fatuous and unreasonable, killing those who loyal to him indiscriminately! Murong Bo! Since you are continuously pressing us, don't blame my Feng clan for opposing your Murong family! Today, I will take your family down from the throne! If the soldiers present put down their weapons, surrender and pay allegiance to my clan, they will be exempt from death. Otherwise, you must lose millions of soldiers here! "

    "Surrender and pay allegiance to the Feng clan and avoid death!"

    "Surrender and pay allegiance to the Feng clan and avoid death!"

    "Surrender and pay allegiance to the Feng clan and avoid death!"

    Feng Jiu's low and forceful voice rang out and reached all people's ears, shaking all people's hearts that were originally not unswerving. With the fighting power of the Feng clan and those powerful guardians, they would not have the possibility of victory. Then they listened to the Ruler's declaration and Miss Feng's call for them to surrender. At this moment, after some contemplations, every one of them put down their weapons and knelt on the ground.

    "I wish to surrender and pledge allegiance to the Feng clan!" Soon after, another group of soldiers dropped their weapons and knelt down. "I also am willing to surrender and pay allegiance to the Feng clan!"

    As the sound began reverberating like a wave, Murong Bo inside the imperial chariot could not sit still. He lifted the veil and stood up, glaring at the soldiers kneeling around him. His aged and hoarse voice was trembling, and he shouted at them in a furious voice, "You all have guts! People, come! People, come! Kill them all for me! Kill!"

    While he's still speaking, some of the soldiers who were still hesitating now dropped their weapons and knelt down facing the Feng Residence, "I would like to surrender and pay allegiance to the Feng clan. I vow loyalty and devotion to the Feng clan!"


    Suffering from acute anxiety, Murong Bo coughed out blood. He tumbled inside the imperial chariot. His chest fluctuated violently while his eyes stared unwaveringly at the soldiers kneeling around him and the red figure standing above the Feng Residence gate.

    "Feng, Qing, Ge! Kill her for me! Kill her! Cough cough cough..."

    He angrily pointed at Feng Jiu and ordered the Martial Ancestor cultivators around him to come forward and kill Feng Qing Ge. Those Martial Ancestors had no choice but to go forward even though they knew they were not enemies. They all had to go forward because they had made a contract between heaven and earth. If they betrayed Murong Bo, their fate would be death.

    However, when the eight Martial Ancestors swept over towards Feng Jiu, the four Golden Core cultivators moved. They killed all the eight Martial Ancestors on the spot in the span of a few breaths.

    The eight Martial Ancestors' lifeless bodies were on the ground and the bloody smell filled the air, making the whole scene silent.

    Especially those clans and forces that were watching not far away. Each and every one of them were dumbstruck. It was such an amazing feat to make the soldiers drop their weapons one by one with a few words!

    Initially, they thought that they should also fight. However, from the strong people in the Feng Residence's point of view, it was no problem to deal with these people. It was unexpected that these clans did not need to lend a hand at all since the soldiers surrendered and paid allegiance to the Feng clan one by one.

    "Who does Miss Feng want to put on the top, since she forced Murong Bo out?" A clan master muttered, his heart was somewhat complicated. The country could not be without a Ruler in a day. The Murong family fell from power. Then who had the ability to sit on the Sun Glory Country's throne?

    At this moment, a thought emerged in the hearts of the people. Did Miss Feng want to sit on the throne of the Sun Glory Country herself?
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