480 Heaven’s blessings

    After all, Feng Xiao was still in a coma and she was the only one left. Of course, if she would not take the throne, maybe she would choose one of the Feng clan's relatives to occupy the Ruler's position.

    However, after pondering this matter, people still thought it was improbable. Who among the Feng clan's relatives has the ability to be the country's Ruler? Even with the Feng clan supporting him, if he had no ability to deal with all aspects, wasn't it difficult to hold the Ruler's position?

    At that moment, however, a large dark cloud suddenly floating in the night sky. It shrouded above the Feng Residence with a faint flash of lightning. A rumbling sound came out from the clouds, making the frightened people below suddenly raise their heads.

    "What's the matter? Is it...is it going to start snowing or rumbling with thunder?"

    Someone spoke with an odd expression. Others stared at the single cloud over the Feng Residence with dismay in their eyes.

    "Ha ha ha! Feng Qing Ge! Your Feng clan deceived the ruling sovereign. Even the gods are unable to put up with it any longer! Ha ha ha ha! Hack them! Kill them! Hack them to death..."

    Murong Bo laughed heartily, his expression was wild. But his voice was too old and feeble, it sounded extremely harsh to the ear.

    The person who initially held an odd expression, after hearing Muron Bo's words, fixed his eyes at the cloud above the Feng Residence. He thought this should not be true as Murong Bo said. Was what the Feng clan did to attract the lightning to strike it?

    Lightning flashed across the night sky and a clap of thunder crashed into the Feng Residence. The sound even shook up the earth.

    At this time, even the Feng guards looked up in astonishment. They were surprised, how did this lightning fall in their Feng Residence alone?

    Only Feng Jiu's eyes lit up when she saw the thunder and lightning.

    Surprise appeared on her face as she watched the second thunderbolt. The light splitting down somewhere in the Residence with a loud bang. The smile on her lips gradually deepened.

    When the four Golden Core cultivators saw the surging sky and the thunder falling into the Residence, they were surprised at first but then they laughed. It came faster than they had expected, and it seemed that it was a great success.

    Unlike immortal cultivators, only when a Martial Ancestor advanced to the rank of the Martial Emperor could the mystical energy cultivator attracts the lightning tribulation. When one sustain the three strikes of lightning tribulations, the Martial Ancestor cultivator succeeded in becoming the Martial Emperor.

    At present, Feng Xiao, the head of the clan, seemed to be the only one who had advanced in rank at the Feng Residence.


    When the third thunder crashed down, the dark clouds in the sky suddenly dispersed and rays of sunlight appeared in the night. The sunlight formed seven colours and gradually spread out, almost covering the whole Cloudy Moon City. The night became bright as day as it was awash with the seven colours. The colours enveloped the whole Cloudy Moon City and then transformed into points of light like drizzling rain fell from the sky, causing the whole city to stir up and rush out to watch.

    "Ssh! There.. there is someone in the Feng Residence who is advancing in rank! What a glow! This is heaven's blessings!"

    "Good heavens! How could I see such a scene! Only people in a high position and deeply loved by the gods receive heaven's blessings. Only a person with ten thousand blessings can attract heaven's blessing... " "

    "It's amazing... It's also the first time for this old man to see heaven's blessings..."

    Geng clan's patriarch marvelled at the rays of sunshine dispersed in the sky. When the rays seeped into his body, an unspeakable miraculous sense swept through his body. It felt very comfortable.
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