481 Why arent you dead ye

    Even Murong Bo, whose vitality was originally almost dried up, regained some of his spirits under those rays. He looked toward the night sky, still bathed with the tiny specks of lights, in a daze. He murmured, "How can this be? How can someone do this feat? Who in the Feng Residence can advance in rank? It unexpectedly brings benefits to all the commoners of Cloudy Moon City..."

    People in the city rushed to the Feng Residence because this was the place where the sun rays concentrated most. When they came running, they saw the scene of soldiers kneeling on the ground as well as the brilliant glow atop the Residence. Their emotions stirred up that the people leapt with joy.

    "It's the Feng Residence! It's the Feng Residence that brought about the sunlight rays!"

    All the clans and forces in the surroundings were astonished. They looked at the sky overhead the Feng Residence blankly. A wave of fear set off in their hearts.

    The gods were supporting the Feng clan!

    After tonight's event, nobody would object if Miss Feng wanted to ascend the Sun Glory Country's throne....

    However, at this time, a roar came from the Feng Residence. A voice thundered with anger was transmitted vividly into the people's ears outside.

    "Murong Bo! You're truly bullying my Feng clan!"


    "Ssh! That's Feng Xiao! That's Feng Xiao's voice!"

    "Ssh! How, how could this be! Wasn't he in a coma?"

    "Heavens! Don't tell me that the one who just advanced in rank was Feng Xiao?"

    The outright cry of surprise came from the clan masters as well as the cultivators in the surroundings. They stared with incredulous expressions at the Feng Residence. When they saw a figure coming out of the Residence energetically with a spear in his hand, they stood rooted in place.

    "Murong Bo! You treacherous, vile man! My Feng clan stepped back time and again, even did not dispute your plan to kill me. But now you're back to deceive my Feng clan again and bully my daughter! Damn you!"

    The ear-splitting voice carrying formidable pressure of Martial Emperor rank came out from Feng Xiao's mouth. Every word was infused with power and bitingly cold. The power was a part of his unyielding spirit as a martial general and his blood and vital breath. His voice was threatening and his words were like sharp blades piercing into Murong Bo's heart.

    Murong Bo, his life force restored by the glow, was astonished to hear Feng Xiao's anger. Feng Xiao swept out of the Residence energetically with big strides, waving a spear in hand. The ground shook heavily with each step he took. He pointed a finger angrily toward Murong Bo. Murong Bo suddenly felt his blood was roiling in his chest. He spurt a mouthful of blood.


    Murong Bo received both mental and physical damages. His mind suffered heavy shock so that everything turned dark before his eyes. He could not believe nor wanted to believe that Feng Xiao, the one seriously injured and put into a coma, was now unexpectedly in full vigor and appeared in front of him gloriously!

    What's more, he used to be at the early-stage Martial Ancestor rank, but now he broke through and became a Martial Emperor rank at one fell swoop! How could this be possible? How was this possible...

    "Feng, Feng Xiao!"

    He didn't fall down this time because he gripped the imperial chariot tightly with one hand and supported his body. He stared at the figure standing in front of the Feng Residence's gate with both disbelief and resentment.

    He spat out words from gritted teeth, blood seeped through the corner of his lips. "Why aren't you dead yet!"
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