482 Murong Bo’s Death

    "That's indeed Feng Xiao..."

    "He's actually fine..."

    "He's advanced to the Martial Emperor rank! He attained it at such a young age! How did he accomplish it?"

    Not only was everyone overwhelmed with shock, but they were also unable to say anything due to their great astonishment. Some cultivators were not able to break through from the Martial Ancestor rank in their lifetime. Cloudy Moon City's Geng clan's Patriarch as well as Feng clan's patriarch were cultivating their whole life but only reached the early-stage Martial Ancestor rank. It even took them fifty years. It's very likely that the Martial Emperor rank was very difficult for them to attain.

    But now, Feng Xiao accomplished this feat. Not only was he not in a coma, but he also became the first Martial Emperor rank in the Sun Glory Country! An under hundred years old Martial Emperor! This, this was just so unfathomable...


    Feng Xiao snorted loudly and shook the spear in his hand again. "Dead so that you can destroy my Feng clan? Dead so that you can bully my daughter? My Feng clan has guarded the Sun Glory Country for generations and loyal to your Murong family. But, what's the result? You went so far as to ambush me! What on earth did I, Feng Xiao, do to hate me to the point of murder?

    He questioned Murong Bo loudly, his every sentence was penetrating. Xiao Feng glared at the Ruler fiercely. "I did not go into hiding, submit to the imperial power, and did not have any desire to argue with you about attacking me. What about you? You, Murong Bo, wanted my daughter to be a concubine! You want to seize my Feng clan's forces, draw the Feng guards in, and destroy the hundred-year Feng clan! Now, if I do not stand up against you, how can I face the Feng clan's ancestors?"

    "Murong Bo! Your power is gone now, your destiny has been exhausted! Killing you will only dirty my spear. Kill yourself! I promise you this. Except you, all your other children and grandchildren of the Murong family will not be hurt in any way as long as they do not oppose my Feng clan!"

    Hearing Feng Xiao's words, people felt that benevolence and righteousness still existed in Feng Xiao's heart. If this was someone else, he was bound to kill Murong Bo's children and grandchildren. He would uproot them in order to avoid their future revenge.

    However, Feng Xiao might be thinking about the friendship with the Murong family's previous generation. This was the only way to let them go. It was indeed benevolent and righteous to do so.

    Maybe he really realized that he was doomed. At this moment, Murong Bo's eyes were blank. He looked at all the soldiers kneeling down and facing the Feng Residence. He watched the clans' forces standing nearby and watching the common people pointing their fingers at him and making comments.

    It was as if he was left all alone in the world. He felt so lonely and desolate, so sorrowful.

    Who was to blame for the betrayal?

    Who was to blame for burying the whole Murong dynasty?

    "Ha ha ha ha....It is I, Murong Bo. I was wrong at every step...ha ha ha ha..."

    The mournful laughter seemed to use up all his last bit of energy. He raised his head, thumped his chest and laughed. Blood spurted out from his mouth. He took two steps back and collapsed on the imperial chariot. He breathed his last while looking up unwaveringly at the sky.

    It was tragic that the imperial dynasty's Ruler fell down with his people rebelling and his friends deserting him.

    Silence suddenly descended. Everyone watched Murong Bo breathe his last with both eyes still open, staring at the sky. At this moment, the people's hearts were unspeakably complex. Each and every one of them was silent.

    Right at this moment, the red figure standing on the Feng Residence's gate flew down. The figure whirled fast in a flash and landed on the ground steadily.
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