485 Couldn’t find a person

    Each small country rulers sent people to inquire about the truth of the news. When they knew that it was really not a rumour and that three days later was the day of Feng Xiao's accession to the throne, they ordered people to prepare gifts and send them to the Phoenix Empire.

    Because of the distance between the countries and the lack of airship, it was impossible to send the congratulatory gifts within three days. They sent the gifts just for the sake of appearance. As for paying a visit and expressing their good wishes, they naturally had to choose another day to go.

    Three days later, Feng Xiao ascended the throne as the country's ruler. The whole country was filled with joy and all the people were celebrating. Because Feng Xiao was a loyal man who had been guarding this land for many years and now became the country's ruler, the common people were naturally cheering.

    In a town, Murong Yi Xuan, dressed in a crescent moon gown, looked at the yellow announcement posted on the notice board and could not help but feel dismayed.

    He left, did not care about their affairs, and did not want to inquire about his father's final situation. But these days, all the way, no matter where he travelled, the news was displayed on the imperial announcement board and spread very quickly. Even if he did not intentionally inquire, he could also know what happened that night.

    He didn't have grudges with the way the Feng clan handled the matters. After all, his father was not killed by them, and when he died, the rest of the Murong family was not harmed. Such a result was beyond his expectation. He would not hate the Feng clan for taking away the Murong family's kingdom and forcing his father to die.

    How could the Murong family end up like this if it hadn't been for his father's actions that day? Others would surely cut weeds and eliminate the roots, leaving the Murong family without any survivors. But the Feng clan did not, for which he felt very grateful.

    Phoenix Empire should have belonged to the Feng clan by right. If it hadn't been protected by the Feng clan for generations, the land would have been swallowed up by other small countries. The Feng clan had invested so much efforts and they deserved to have everything they have now.

    "As the princess of the Phoenix Empire, I wonder what she plans to do in the future?" He muttered softly, still unable to let her go.

    Perhaps, just because one couldn't obtain something, one would always remember it.

    At the same time, in Cloudy Moon City, Feng Xiao moved into the palace, while the Feng estate was given to Feng Jiu and became her private residence. Of course, a palace was reserved for her. However, she seemed to prefer living at the Feng estate.

    Because of this, it was also difficult for Feng Xiao to meet her. After all, when he finished handling the state affairs, he wanted to see her daughter. But then he was told that his daughter was not in the palace, making him feeling gloomy.

    Unlike other country rulers, Feng Xiao became the owner of the Phoenix Empire, but the harem was still empty. He had never kept a woman in the Feng estate before. Naturally, it was impossible for him to accept a lot of women in the harem after he became the ruler. What's more, in his heart, there was always only his daughter's mother...

    Hell's Lord found himself in the same situation as Feng Xiao. After Feng Xiao entered the East Palace, Hell's Lord could not find Feng Jiu. Every time he went to the Feng estate to look for her, the people at the estate would say that the mistress went to the palace, and when he arrived at the palace, Feng Xiao would say that his daughter was in the estate.

    This made him run both ends without ever finding her figure, so much so that not even one sight of her was seen. If it were not for the fact that she could not leave before Feng Xiao's Phoenix Empire was stable, he would truly suspect that she was slipping away quietly again.

    As for Feng Jiu, nobody knew that she had been hiding inside the spatial spirit palace these days.
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